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University of Mumbai 2007 B.A Advertising-II(il-07) - Question Paper

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Con.74-07.    JL-915

Con.74-07.    JL-915

[ Total Marks : 100

Atteirpt any five questions.

Con.74-07.    JL-915

N.B. (1 (2

Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Define advertising and explain its salient features.    iq


















Explain the role of advertising in the marketing mix.    io

Is advertising an economic waste ? What are the main causes of waste io in advertising ?

"Advertising raises the standard of living" . Comment.    10

How far is consumer research necessary for advertising planning ?    10

Explain the different methods of setting advertising budget.    10

Distinguish between Pre-testing methods and Post-testing methods.    iq

Explain the functions of A.B.C.    10

Explain the various approaches to product positioning strategy.    io

What considerations would you take in designing media strategy ?    10

Explain the merits and demerits of TV advertising.    10

Explain the steps in involved in advertising campaign planning.    io

Distinguish between buying motives and selling points.    io


"Visualisation plays a vital role in the construction of advertising".    10 Discuss.





What role does an illustration play in advertising ?    10



Explain the different types of copy.    10

Explain the merits and demerits of direct mail advertising.    10

Explain the functions of an advertising agency.        io

10. Wr

te    short notes on any four of the following    20

a)    Public relation advertising.

b)    Product life cycle.

c)    AIDA Formula.

d)    Demerits of radio advertising.

e)    Video advertising.

f)    Advertising appeal.


TT : () Cb>|c)- TTTTr to TtsgT.    . iriA ( O .s?.-{

(3) ynsftcbT    .;c.)

(37) wt%tct Nft oiii n. nrfOcftft Frg rt.    : - (

(?) fWf to HfteT wfWTTcfNfl M RT.    * o


3. (37) rrfm 3rrffe sw&m su% ?n? ? n%jcftcte rqwft    Wicft 7 , to

(?) r#ocft iifiHMi! rfcT strtt r?f ?rt.    ; o

3. (3?) *ilf%TTtT ?T WtRTft 3HlTf OTTT.    \ o

(?) rT%TTcT 5m cRTR WMT TOcft FT2 ?RT.     o

v. (37) nfwcftir nrjft 3ttRt wrt. rift ?t fts ?rt.    * o

(?) ft qFT FTB ?RT.    \ o

S. (37) jc*[c<T 3RTR F72 ?RT.     o (?) T%JCTrT TTTWTR 3T?? cR'f?dRT "fTRTcT WrT ?     o (37) rfa iftUcfr# T W2 FRT.    o

(?) wf%Uc! Tti%TR 'MRTrft F7E JRT.    * o

(37) TTWi ? f?sl?t '5 <Hlcjl<rl *+><4) WS RT.     o

(?) 37. cfRT.     o . (37) w%ncfh?eftH frarft IWt ?rNcft ?     o

(?) TT%T7T RfRT 1?f?ST TO FTg 3RT.     o

(37) ZW rftTRft ? cftt Hg ?RT.    r o

(?) wflRRT Feft FT2 ?RT. 01     o

o . Wcflcl \v\cinf\ WRT?R fTT feTT : -     o

(37)    RRTT '5f[%UcT

(?)    ?5fto

()    TT.37T?..TT.

()    37TT?T?Fft WllWcM () TT%RT

()    nfERRT ff.


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