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Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) 2006 B.A Economics Monetary - exam paper

Friday, 05 July 2013 04:10Web

UG-730    BEC-4


(For Candidates admitted in AY 2003-04, CY-2004 AY 2004-05 and CY-2005)

Second Year Economics


Time : 3 hours    Maximum marks : 75

SECTION A (3 x 5 = 15 marks)

Answer any THREE of the following.

1.    What are the primary functions of money?

uewrssT QpjSarrsDLD UGHsf)OT ujrreo6u?

2.    State and explain Fisher's equation. iSlsujjiflsn ffiDsrrurrileDL GT(Lpl    jt aSlOTsgj.

3.    Point out the merits and demerits of paper currency standard.

uesOTIilL-jSjSsiT jsasraniD 6S)LD65)en @r51ui51a.

Gusssfla; ajr&jlaerflarr Quirgj uiLKSSTutrfJl uassflaGiT lurrsnsu?

5.    Briefly explain Neutrality of Money.

uempgh&n r&|Sl65)606iDijD ufi>r51 Slerraaib 0.

SECTION B (4 x 15 = 60 marks)

Answer any FOUR of the following.

6.    Explain the functions of the Central Bank.

5>IDUJ aj[BjluS)65T UJBflffi65)6TT aSloTffigjffi.

7.    Explain Keynes theory of money and prices. JiOTTOTSlaiT usmb LDfbpib Slsoo) GirLurLa)i_ Sl&Jif!.

8.    Explain the various phases of a Business cycle.

6unritf)u y?65l65T usuG&Jip igloDGosaDGrT oSlajifl.

9.    Examine the objectives and performance of Nationalised Banks in India.

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@f61Grr6TT6rr LDjpguu) QffujQ)u(nl6S)u. (ririija;.

10.    Discuss the role of Reserve Bank of India in the agricultural development of our country.

151b 15 it Lilian GsuCTrrrsflsr QpanQmn)tr)ff,0eo IfBliu rfteir&j cutijluSlssT urBJ)6J>esT oSlojif).

ibffr&iaaDOT qS)otts;@<e.

12. Point out the causes and effects of inflation.

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3    UG-7J


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