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Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) 2006 B.A - MS Word - Question Paper

Friday, 05 July 2013 09:40Web

BA examination ques. paper

Time: three hours Maximum marks: 100

part A - (8 x five =40 marks)
ans any 8 ques..

1. What is a Word processor? Name a few popular word processors?
2. elaborate the different display views available in Word?
3. Why do you indent text? elaborate the different available in Word?
4. elaborate the steps to add Header and Footer toolbar method?
5. What is the Auto Text feature used for?
6. In your document you have typed the word file as FILE but you want to obtain and change all the documents of this word to file. How would you do this?
7. You have typed a document and you want to check the spelling mistakes. What would you do?
8. How to create and print labels?
9. How to insert rows and columns in a table?
10. elaborate the steps in adding borders and shading to a table?

part B - (6 x 10=60 marks)
ans any 6 ques..

11. elaborate the steps to create a Microsoft word document with the subsequent contents of format?
- Insert a table giving number of theory and practical sessions per block.
- Demonstrate the Auto Text feature of MS-WORD.
12. Create a list of 10 best friends. Create a Thank You letter. Use Mail Merge feature of MS-WORD to create a Thank You letter for every of your friends from the above 2 files.
13. elaborate the basic steps for printing a document? Also discuss how to protect documents.
14. discuss in detail the table creation and also discuss how to convert text to or from a table.
15. Write a macro that is run using the shortcut Ctrl+F for formatting the files as :
- change the left margin of entire files as 2.0 inches.
- change the line spacing to two (Double).
- change the format of file in three columns.
16. discuss Indenting text, Tab stops, Line spacing, snippet spacing, borders and shading.
17. explain the template wizards.
18. How to change the document margins in a word document? Also discuss ,Gutters facilitate Binding.

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