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Osmania University (OU) 2008-1st Year B.Pharm B PHARMACY II SEMESTER (MAIN) / (pharmaceutical engineering) - Question Paper

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CODE NO 1008
b pharmacy II year I semester (main) exam
November/December 2008
time:3 hours max marks 70
ans all ques..
all ques. carry equal marks.

1 (a) (i) describe unit operation and unit process with an example of every.[marks 2]
(ii) describe and classify corrosion.briefly discuss the kinds of corrosion.[marks 8]
(iii) discuss any 4 methods to combat corrosion.[marks 4]
(b) (i) discuss the characteristics of stainless steel and glass as materials of plant construction. provide the composition and properties of their different kinds.[marks 10]
(ii) distinguish ranging from ferrous and non ferrous metals.[marks 2]
(iii) what is dimensional analysis.[marks 2]

2 (a) (i)starting from Bernoulli's formula determine an formula for velocity of flow by venturi meter.[marks 8]
(ii) derive an formula for CMTD.[marks 6]
(b) (i) prove that the total resistance offered by solid layers is equal to sum of the individual resistances of the layers.[marks 4]
(ii) write about [marks 10]
(A)rotameter (B) radiation

3 (a) (i) classify fluid pumps with examples.explain the mechanism of working of reciprocating pumps.[marks 5]
(ii) write about double acting piston pump.[marks 5]
(iii) elaborate the uses of vacuum pumps and entrainment separators.[marks 4]
(b) (i) derive an formula to determine rate of heat transfer in fluid convection.[marks 10]
(ii) define bucket conveyor and its uses.[marks 4]

4 (a) (i) discuss the method of fixing humidity of air. define the construction of air conditioner.[marks 10]
(ii) elaborate humidity charts? write their importance.[marks 4]
(b) (i) write wet bulb theory.[marks 7]
(ii) describe humidity and relative humidity. discuss any 2 methods to determine humidity of air.[marks 7]

5 (a) (i) describe filtration and define the construction,working and applications of continuous kind of filtration equipment.[marks 10]
(ii) elaborate filter aids? provide examples. discuss the methods to utilise them.[marks 4]
(b) (i) describe centrifugal effect. provide equations to express it.[marks 4]
(ii) write about the following:[marks 10]
(A) meta filter
(B) pneumatic conveyor

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