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SRM University 2008 B.E Mechanical Engineering BTech - Question Paper

Thursday, 31 January 2013 01:05Web

5th Semester
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 70

ans ALL ques.
PART-A (10*2=20 Marks)
1. Define viscosity and bulk modulus of a hydraulic fluid.
2. Give the hydraulic symbol for a 3-position,4-way,closed centre solenoid operated DCV.
3. What is a time delay valve?
4. Draw the symbols for the subsequent pneumatic components:
(i) 5/2 pilot operated DCV.
(ii) FRL unit.
5. What is the function of quick return valve?
6. What is “meter-in” circuit? elaborate its limitations?
7. Mention the difference ranging from hydraulics and pneumatics.
8. What is the function of counter balance valve in a hydraulic press?
9. What is fluidics?
10. Draw the simple pneumatic circuit with an application of “AND” valve.

PART-B (5*10=50 Marks)
11.a. discuss the factors which affect the selection of pumps and explain in detail the classification and performance features of various kinds of hydraulic pumps.
b. define any 1 of the electro hydraulic circuits used in robotic systems.
12. a. Sketch a hydro-pneumatic circuit for a typical application and discuss its operation.
b. i. discuss the application of pneumatic system for low cost automation with suitable examples.
ii. With neat diagrams discuss any 2 kinds of pneumatic actuators.
13. a. define any 2 applications of accumulator with neat circuits.
b. What is cascade control? discuss giving suitable example circuit.
14. a. with suitable example, discuss the hyadraulic automatic reciprocating system.
b. Develop a pneumatic circuit with 3 cylinders A,B,C for the process of conveying boxes ranging from 2 floors.
15. a. i. discuss the working principle of PLC with a neat block diagram.
ii. How does a PLC differ from microprocessor?
b. Design a pneumatic system and discuss in which cylinder ‘A’ is used to clamp the work piece.Cylinder ‘B’ is used for punching and cylinder ‘C’ removes the work piece from the station.( Use cascade method).


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