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SRM University 2006 B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY - Question Paper

Thursday, 31 January 2013 12:35Web

3rd Semester
Time:3 Hours Max.marks:70
ans ALL ques.
PART-A(10*2=20 Marks)

1.State Divergence theorem.

2.Give the expression for energy stored in static electric field.

3.Write down the formula of continuity in point form.

4.Differentiate conductors and dielectrics.

5.Define magnetic field intensity and provide its relation with magnetic flux density.

6.Write down Maxwell’s formula for steady magnetic field .

7.What are the classes of materials having strong atomic moments?

8.Give the magnetic boundary conditions.

9.State pointing theorem.

10.Write down Maxwell’s formula corresponding to Faraday’s legal regulations in point form.

PART-B(5*10 = 50Marks)
11.a.Obtain the expression for energy density in an electromagnetic field.

b.i.Find the divergence of A at P(5,p/2,1)where f = rz sinø ar + 3rz² cosø aø.
ii.Calculate divergence at P(1,p/6,5/3)where f = 2r cos ø ar + r½ aø.

12.a. provide and derive the expression for capacitance coaxial with single and 2 dielectrics..
b.Current density is provided by J = (l/r) e^4 ar A/m².at t =ls, compute total outward current in a cylinder
of r = 5m and al so obtain the velocity with wich the l moves the arbitary radius ‘r’(‘r' = radius
of cylinder) .

13.a.Determine the magnetic flux density B caused by a finite length filament of length ‘L’ on the a-axis
at a distance ‘d’ from the origin.
b.Apply Amper’s circuital legal regulations to the perimeter of a differential surface element and find the point
form of Ampere’s circuital legal regulations.
14.a.Find the maximum torque on an arbitary charged particle if the charge is 1.602*10 c,the circular
-10 10 -3
Path has a radius of 0.5*10 m,the angular velocity is 4*10 rad/s and B = 0.4*10 T.
b.An air core toroid has 500 turnes ,a cross sectional area of 6cm²,a mean radius of 15 cm and a coil
current of 4A,calculate magnetic field intensity .check your ans by applying Ampere’s circuital
legal regulations.

15.a.Derive the Maxwell’s formula for steady fields in point form and integral form.
b.State the pointing theorem and derive the expression to prove the pointing theorem.


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