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Kurukshetra University 2012 B.Com Auditing - Question Paper

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 08:05Web


NOTE : Attempt 5 ques. in all .Q1 IS compulsory and attempt any other 4 ques..
All the ques. carry equal marks.

Q1 [a] explain audit as luxury.

[b] what is Statutary audit?

[c] what is audit notebook?

[d] State Breifly the essential qualities of an auditor.

[e] State the disadvantages of routine checking.

[f] In what Circumstanses may an auditor be criminally liable?

Q2 discuss the meaning of auditing.Breifly explain the advantages and limitations of auditing.

Q3 Distinguish ranging from Continous audit and Periodical audit. define their utility.

Q4 What is meant by Internal Check? elaborate the special features of an efficient system of internal check? elaborate the objects of internal check?

Q5 What is vouching?Give its objects.What points must be taken into account while vouching a cash

Q6 elaborate the main objects of verification of assets ? elaborate the duties of an auditorin this regard?

Q7 An auditor is a watchdog and not a blood-hound.In the light of this statement narrate the duties of an company auditor.

Q8 What is auditors report? elaborate its different types? elaborate its contents?

Q9 What is investigation ? How does it differ from audit? discuss the essentials precautions in conducting the investigation.

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