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SRM University 2007 B.Tech Information Technology IT204 / CS202 - OPERATING SYSTEMS - Question Paper

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1. discuss the main structural elements of a computer .
2. discuss the instruction fetch and execute cycle.
3. How interrupts are accommodated in an instruction cycle?
4. What is an interrupt? How is it handled by OS?
5. provide various I/O Communication techniques.
6. discuss memory hierarchy.
7. In virtually all systems that include DMA modules, DMA access to main memory is provided higher priority than processor access to main memory. Why?
8. What is reentrant procedure?
9. What is an OS?
10. elaborate the functions of OS?
11. What do you mean by utility software? provide an example.
12. What do you mean by application software? provide an example.
13. describe system software.
14. List the services given by OS?
15. discuss the role of OS as resource manager.
16. What do you mean by kernel?
17. discuss serial processing.
18. elaborate the issues faced by serial processing systems?
19. discuss batch processing.
20. What is JCL? provide 2 commands of JCL.
21. What is a monitor?
22. What is resident Monitor? provide its memory layout.
23. discuss multiprogrammed batch system.
24. elaborate the advantages of multiprogramming?
25. What do mean by time sharing systems?
26. Compare batched multiprogramming systems and time sharing systems.
27. Comment on operating systems design hierarchy.
28. What is a monolithic kernel?
29. Briefly write about microkernel architecture.
30. describe Symmetric Multiprocessing.
31. elaborate the characteristics symmetric multiprocessor?
32. List the advantages of SMP over uniprocessor architecture.
33. elaborate the developments that triggered the need for multitasking on PCs.
34.Briefly discuss kernel/supervisor mode and user mode.

(NOTE: This is an introductory unit. 1 ques. is enough and the other in the either – or trend may be asked from any other unit)
1. discuss in detail how interrupts are processed.

2. describe the essential properties of the subsequent operating systems:
a) Batch b)Interactive
c)Time sharing d)Real time
e)Network f)Parallel
g)Distributed h)Clustered

3. discuss the various I/O communication techniques.

4. explain about the evolution of operating systems.

5. provide an overview of operating systems design hierarchy.

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