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SRM University 2007 B.Tech Information Technology Bank : IT 301 - Multimedia - Question Paper

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 05:55Web

Department of info Technology

ques. Bank

IT 301 Multimedia

HOD / IT Prepared By


Prof.Rajendran P.Rajasekar

IT 301 - Multimedia


2 Marks
1. What is Multimedia?
2. Where we use Multimedia?
3. What you need for a Multi media project?
4. What is the duty of Multimedia Designer?
5. Define SCSI. elaborate the kinds in SCSI?
6. Define Advanced Technology Attachment.
7. Define optical learn only memory.
8. Explain about zip, Jaz , Syquest and optical storage devices.
9. How Touch screens are used as input devices ? discuss its process.
10. Explain about Track ball.
11. What is a graphic tablet?(P-74)
12. What are the features of Cable modem?(P-85)
13. What are the features of an OCR Software?(P-90)
14. List any 5 powerful modeling packages.(P-93)
15. List a few plug-Ins modules supported by Image editing programs(P-96)
16. List a few of the movie making tools.(P-99,104)
17. List the different Video digitizing boards for making QuickTime and AVI for
18. windows.(P-103)
19. Define ISDN.
20. Define IDE.
21. List various kinds of printers.
22. What is interactive multimedia?
23. Define virtual reality.
24. List the stages of a project.(P-22)
25. Compare ranging from trackball and mouse.
26. Define Hayes compatible.(P-83)

10MARKS 1. Compare ranging from Macintosh and windows platforms.
2. Write Short notes on a. SCSI b. IDE
3. How memory and storage devices are used in Multimedia?
4. What is the role of input devices in multimedia? discuss 5 of them in brief.
5. Write short notes on a. Monitors b. ISDN c. Projectors
6. How you can make a network with both windows and Macintosh platforms?

7. List various kinds of communication devices and its function.
1. Mention the kinds of authoring tools.(P-128)
2. Explain briefly cast and score.(P-139)
3. Give example for Icon based Authoring and Time based Authoring tools.(P-138)
4. What is the purpose of eyedropper tool in drawing/painting tools?(P-90)
5. Why auto trace tool is used in drawing tools?(P-90)
6. Name a few painting software.(P-90)
7. List a few features of 3-D modeling tools(P-94)
8. How sound editing tools are used? (P-97)
9. What are image editing applications?(P-95)
10. Define plug Ins.(P-96)
11. What are building blocks Quick time?(P-100)

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