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SRM University 2007 B.Tech Information Technology Bank : Software Engineering - Question Paper

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ques. Bank
Sub. Name:Software Engineering
Sub. Code: IT 309
Year/Branch/Sem.: Third/Info. Tech./Fifth
Unit I 2 Marks
1.What is software?
2.What is software engineering?
3.What is the difference ranging from Software engineering and System engineering?
4.What is a software process?
5What is a software process model?
6.List down the cost’s of software engineering.
7.What are software engineering methods?
8.What is CASE?
9.Write down the attributes of a good software.
10.Define a system.
11.List out the key challenges faced by software engineering.
12.Define system engineering.
13.Write down the kinds of emergent properties.
14.Differentiate ranging from hardware reliability and software reliability.
15.Define an environment in any system.
16.What are the factors that affect system design?
17.How system modeling is useful in software engineering.
18.Give the significance of inter-disciplinary involvement in system engineering.
19.Why system decommissioning is done?
20.Give the steps involved in system design.
21.Depict the contractor/sub-contractor model.
22.Give the importance of the word ’glue’ with regard to system procurement.
23.”Project management is difficult” Justify with at lowest 4 points.
24.List out any 2 project management activities.
25.What is the necessity of project monitoring?
26.Differentiate Milestones and Deliverables.
27.Why project scheduling is a demanding task for software managers?
28.List down the graphical notations used to illustrate the project scheduling.
29. What is the importance of ‘Critical Path’?
30.Classify the categories of risk management.
31.Write down any 2 risk kind and possible risks.
1.Contigency plans
2.Avoidance Strategies
33.What is the importance of work-breakdown in project planning.
34.Justify the statement “Environment of a system must be understandable by system
35. How does an Interface Component differ from a Communication Component?

Ten Marks
1.Write short notes on
( a ) Software engineering(3)
( b ) Costs of software engineering(3)
( c ) Professional and ethical responsibility(2)
( d ) Attributes of a good software(2)
2. explain about systems and their environment with an example.
3. What is system modeling? Why is it essential? explain about the functional system
components of a simple intruder alarm system.
4. Justify the term “System engineering is an interdisciplinary activity” with an example.
5. discuss in detail about the system engineering process.
6. Briefly discuss the purpose of every of the part in a software project plan.
7. Draw the activity network for the Task Duration and Dependencies provided beneath.

Task Duration(days) Dependencies

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