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Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University 2006 B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering SUMMER - Question Paper

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 09:00Web

part – A
1) (a) Design memory system for 8086 using subsequent memory chips.
i) 2k *8 EPROM – four No.
ii) 4k * four R/w M – eight No. (5)
(b) discuss in brief addressing ways in 8086 to access data stored in memory. (5)
2) (a) Write 8086 ALP to add 2 BCD numbers in their ASCII form directly. Store the outcome as BCD only. The BCD numbers are stored in memory in their ASCII hex form, starting at 10000H. Store outcome in memory. (7)
(b) discuss in brief role of BIU, EU and queue in 8086 working. (6)
3) (a) discuss in brief cascade connection of 8259 PIC’s. Also explain necessary command words for initialization of PIC’s. (8)
(b) discuss in brief.
i) Polled mode of 8259 PIC
ii) Default IR seven routine. (5)
4) (a) Show 8086-8253 PIT interfacing in peripheral mapped I/O with control register address of 8253 as FF06H. Use this interface for designing autotimer of one minute. presume clock of microprocessor system as 5Mhz. presume suitable data. (10)
(b) discuss function of subsequent 8051 pins
ii. Rx Rdy
(5) (a) Design 8279 KBDC – 8086 interface to connect upto 32 keys and 4 7 segment displays. Write intialisation instructions to intialise 8279 also. (8)
(b) Show interfacing of ADC 0808 with 8086 Use i/o ports of 8255 for establishing link ranging from 8086 and ADC. (5)
(6) (a) discuss the various data kinds of 8087 giving 1 example of every. (6)
(b) Write 8087 ALP to obtain
Y =pr2
Where r is radius in memory location named RADIUS in short real format. Store value of y in memory named outcome. (7)
(7) (a) discuss in brief paging mechanism in 80386. (6)
(b) explain the features of 8237 DMA controller giving black schematic. (7)
(8) (a) discuss in brief architectural details of 8051 microcontroller. (6)
(b) Write 8051 ALP to add 2 eight bit numbers stored in memory locations stating at 40H. Store the outcome in memory at the end. (7)
(9) (a) provide the structure of 8051 flag register. discuss in brief role of every bit. (6)
(b) discuss in brief the internal and external memory system of 8051 microcontroller. (7)
10. Write short notes on any 2 related to 8051
a) Interrupt facility
b) Counter/timers
c) Serial communication facility (14)

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