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Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University 2009 M.B.A Human Resource Management :- s-09 - Question Paper

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MDN/KS/09 - 1879
Second Semester Master of Business
Administration (M. B. A.) exam
(New Course)
Group C
Paper - I
(Group and Organisational Effectiveness)
Time : 3 Hours ] [ Max. Marks : 80

N. B. : (1) Attempt 5 ques. ; atleast 2 ques. from every part are compulsory. (2) All ques. carry equal marks.

part A
1. State the different approaches to the study of Organisational Behaviour. discuss every with examples.
2. Shyam Lal is a worried man because of his personal issue. His personal issue is affecting his professional life due to which he has received several memoes in the last 6 months. His career is at stake and he approached you for consultation. As a consultant what measures will you suggest him viz :­
(a) To motivate him and to increase his morale.
(b) To make his family life smoother so that it will not affect his professional life.

3. What is stress % explain the causes and effects of stress.
4. Highlight on ego states and their identification. Mention various kinds of transactions.
5. Write notes on (any two) :­
(a) Definition and Meaning of Learning. (b) Learning Styles.
(c) Principles of Learning.
(d) Learning Explicit and Explicit Knowledge.
part B
6. Why is it important for managers to be familiar with the concepts of group behaviour ? State the determinants of group behaviour.
7. "Power is the potential ability of 1 person to induce forces on a different person towards movement in a provided direction, within a provided behaviour region, at a provided time." Elucidate in situation to power dynamics.
8. describe the term `Leadership'. discuss major Leadership Styles. Which leadership style is generally obtained associated with Indian Organisations %
9. What do you mean by organisational culture % discuss the effects of positive and negative organisational culture.

10. Write notes on (any two) :­
(a) Force Field Theory of change.
(b) Components of Organisational Effectiveness
. (c) Causes for change
(d) Organisation Development Interventions.
MDN/KS/09 - 1879 three 1250

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