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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad 2010-1st Year B.Pharm BPharmacy Regular , /e - Question Paper

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 05:55Web

Code: 9RBS103
B. Pharmacy I Year Regular exam May 2010

Time: three Hours Maximum Marks: 70

1) Answer 5 ques. in total with atleast 1 ques. from Part-B.
2) All ques. carry equal marks.

1) While young people in Ladakh's towns prefer western ways of entertainment, people in rural areas continue on to enjoy their old, local forms of music and sports. How do you think that westernization has affected the originality of Ladakh?

2) Raman was a voracious learner and pored eagerly over all the books in his father's collection among which were original writings of great scientists. How did this habit prove fruitful in his later life?

3) The narrator of the story "The Connoisseur" is a plain, simple and honest woman; where as Miss Krishna is a curious and enigmatic woman. Compare and contrast both the ladies and what are their relation with 1 a different.

4) If you were in Cuddalore when it was struck by Tsunami how would you react? What role would you have played?

5) Write about the different awards and distinctions won by V. Anand.

6) How did Chaplin become world famous?

7) The District Collector, Jhunjhunu, is concerned about the rapid increase in the number of road accidents in Pilani. The Chairman, Municipal Corporation, Pilani, has been asked to submit a report investigating the causes and suggesting measures to improve the situation. Write a report.

8) Correct the subsequent sentences:
a) Both of these restaurants is very good.
b) Both Chris and Pat was late.
c) There are 2 good hotels herre. You can stay at neither of them.
d) Neither Chris and Pat came to the party.
e) I was invited to 2 parties last week, but I could go to none.
f) We tried a lot of hotels, but neither of them had any rooms.
g) John and I couldn't get into the house because none of us had a key.
h) It was a terrible fire. Whole building was destroyed.
i) Everybody have arrived.
j) I don't like stories who have unhappy endings.
k) Do you know the person that took the photographs?
l) What was the name of the horse it won the race?
m) The woman lives next door is a doctor.
n) The people we met last night was very nice.

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