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Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute 2009 B.E Information Technology,\e--bch 102-engineering chemistry- 2(drmgr university,) - Question Paper

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Part- A(20*2=40 Marks)

1. What is eutectic point in binary alloy system?
2. What do u mean 'ceramic'? provide the chemical content.
3. provide composition of Anilco and its use.
4. How will you assess the quality of coal?
5. How does surface area of adsorbent influencing adsorption of gases on solids?
6. provide any 4 applications of adsorption.
7. The half life of radon is 3.8 days. After how many days will only 1/20th of radon sample be left.
8. what is chemisorption?
9. State purpose of alloying with suitable example.
10.write an formula of a nuclear fission reaction.

Part-B(5*16=80 Marks)

11.(a) State phase rule. discuss the terms:Component, phase and degree of freedom.
(b) Draw and discuss the phase diagram of Lead Silver system.
12.(a) explain the application of phase rule to ice-water-water vapour system.
(b) what do you understand by Thermal analysis or cooling curve method?
13.(a) discuss the setting and hardening of cement.
(b) discuss the mechanisms of lubrication.
14.(a) Outstanding the classification of adhesives with suitable example.
(b) explain any 4 important properties of good lubricant.
15.(a) Write a note on composition and uses of solders alloy.
(b) elaborate the ores of Thorium? How is Thorium extracted?
16.(a) explain the different steps involved in powder metallurgy.
(b) elaborate nuclear reactors? discuss the different components of a nuclear reactor.
17.(a) What is metallurgical coke? define the process of its manufacture by Otto Hoffman's by product oven.
(b) What is water gas? How is it manufactured.
18.(a) How the flue gas is carried out? discuss with neat diagram.
(b) What is explosives? How are they classified?
19.(a) Derive Langmuir adsorption isotherm.
(b) explain applications of adsorption in different fields.
20.(a) Write an account on column chromatography.
(b) Write note on applications of radioactivity.


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