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Amity University 2008 B.B.M , . - university paper

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Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks
PART A — (6 x five = 30 marks)
every ans should not exceed a page.

1.What are the essentials of acceptance?
2.How are contracts discharged?
3.What are the rights and duties of a Bailee?
4.What are the rights of an agent?
5.Explain the essential elements of partnership.
6.What is a prospects? State any 4 of its usual contents.
7.Who is a director of a company? How is a director appointed?
8.What are the documents of which registration is compulsory?
9.What is the time for presenting document?

PART B — (5 x 14 = 70 marks)
ans any 5 ques..
every ans should not exceed three pages.

10.What are the remedies for a breach of contract?
11.What are quasi-contracts? discuss the kinds of quasi-contracts?
12.Explain the ways of creation of agency.
13.Explain the rights of unpaid seller against goods.
14.What are the essentials of a bailment? elaborate its classification?
15.Explain the difference ranging from Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
16.Discuss the powers of a Board of Directors of a public company. What statutory restrictions have been imposed upon these directors?
17.Who are the persons to current documents for registration? elaborate the enquiry should be made before registration by registering officer?
18.What are the duties of the registrar at the time of the deposits of will.

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