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Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) 2005 B.E Computer Concepts & C Programing - exam paper

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First/Second Semester B.E Degree Examination, Feb/March 2005
Common to all Branches
Computer Concepts & C Programing

Full ques. Paper in attachment

Page No... I    CCP13/23






First/Second Semester B.E Degree Examination, February/March 2005

Common to all Branches

Computer Concepts & C Programming

(Max.Marks : 100

Time: 3 hrs.]

Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions by selecting atleast one question from Part - A

2. All questions carry equal marks,

PART - A    .

1. ta) Explain with a diagram the Von Neumann concept of stored program computer.

(10 Marks)

(b) Classify the following printers into impact/nonimpact types, t) Dot matrix

ii)    Laser Jet

i}i)    Line

jy)    Daisy wheel and

(3 Marks)

v)    Thermal

(c) What are volatile and non volatile memories? Give 2 examples for each.

. (5 Marks)

2. (a) Distinguish between compiler and interpreter,

(4 Marks) (5 Marks)

(b) List any five operating system functions.

(c) List any 2 internal and 2 external DOS commands, along with 2 UNIX commands.    ( Marks)

td] Give any five applications over computer networks.

(5 Marks)


3. (a) Give both How chart and algorithm to Lest whether a given number is prime or not,    (10 Marks)

(b) Classify the following into valid and invalid variable names in C, if invalid give reasons

i) int ii) $roll no iii) _name I iv) James bond v) I class    (10 Mark)

4. (a) Write the equivalent C expressions for the following :

1 / a

I a-i-h\

( O.-rb)


y =


X = ** / o n -8


(8 Harks)

(b) Give any three input and three output statements In C. give an example for each.;----T    (12 Marks)

5. la) What would be the value of 0Lal!er the execution of the following expressions. Assume the initial value of a = 5

i)    + = (a + +) + (+ + a)

ii)    a =( a) (o -)    (8 Marks)

(b)    Explain any three bit wise operators with an example each.    (6 Marks)

(c)    For tlie following program segment give an equivalent program segment using the switch statement.

if (opr === 1)

res = a. -i- b:

else if (opr ==2) res = a b;

else if (opr ==3) res = a * 6; else res = a/b;

(6 Marks)

6.    (at You are given sufficient number of 5 paise. 10 paise. 20 paise, 25 paise and

50 paise denominations. Given a value of R rupees and P paise, write a C program to determine the minimum number of coins to get the required value. Use anv looping construct to implement the program.    (10 Marks) .

(b) Given two sets A and B of integers, write a program to read them, determine its UNION and INTERSECTION and print the resultant sets.    (io Marks)

7.    (a) Write functions to read a matrix column wise, print a matrix row wise, product : of two matrices. Use the above functions to read two matrices and print its

product matrix.    (12 Marks)

(b) Write a function to concatenate two strings, write a pragram to read three strings and use the function to concatenate them and print it.    (8 Marks)

8.    (a) What are the similarities and differences between pointer to an int and pointer

to a float?    (5 Marks)

(b)    Write a function to swap contents of two real numbers using pointers.

(5 Marks)

(c)    Give anv five string manipulation library functions, with an example each,

"    '    (10 Marks)


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