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Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) 2005 B.E Computer concept and c programming - Question Paper

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 01:00Web

Note.1)answer any 5 ques. without leaving any part.
2)all ques. carry equal marks.
1.a)list functional units of digital computer.explain with block diagram briefly.
b)mention various kinds of printers along with the main features of every kind.
c)what do you mean by secondary storage?bring out various secondary storage devices.

2.a)distinguish between:
-Low level and high level language
-compliers,assemblers and interpreters.
-system software and application software.
-DOS and UNIX operating system.
b)briefly write the importance of internet in engineering.

3.a)explain with example an algorithm and flow chart.
b)write the structure of C-program for an example of finding largest of 3 provided integer values.

4.a)distinguish ranging from variables and keywords with examples.
b)explain various unary operators in c.
c)explain relational operators in c with example.

5.a)with an example getch( ) and putchar( )functions.
b)explain briefly printf( ) with format specifiers.
c)list various control statement in c.explain anyone with example.

6.a)explain briefly how arrays are declared and initialised.
b)write a cprogram to learn a matrixA(P*Q) and to obtain sum of elements in p rows and sum of elements in q columns.
c)write cprogram to learn N integer numbers interactively and to print biggest and smallest numbers.

7.a)distinguish ranging from global and local variables.
b)write cprogram to obtain standard deviation of n values using functions.
c)write a cprogram to calculate cosx =1-x^2/2!+x^4/4!...... Upto 15terms and tabulate the values from 0 to 180deg in step of 10deg.

8.a)how are strings processed in c? How are they declared and initialised?explain with example.
b)state the use of subsequent strings library functions
-strlen( )
-strcpy( )
-strcat( )
c)write cprogram to demonstrate the usage of pointer.

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