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Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) 2007 B.A English Special Model - Question Paper

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 12:10Web

1. Annotate any 3 of the following:(15marks)
~That ,to the height of this great argument,I may assert eternal providence,And justify the ways of god to men.
~If they be two,they are 2 so As stiffe twin compasses are two, Thy soule the 1st fast,makes no show To move,but doth,if the other doe.
~These beauteous forms,Through a long absence,have not been to me.As is a landscape to a blind man's eye.
~This thou perceive'st,which makes thy love more strong.To love that will which than leave ere long.
~Be through my lips to unawakened earth.The trumpet of a prophecy! O wind,If winter comes,can spring be far behind?

2. ans any 1 of the following: (15marks)
a)how does chaucer portray the spouse of bath in his prologue?
b)bring out the similarities and differences ranging from spenser and shakespeare as sonneteers.
c)discuss the features of romantic poetry as obtained in 'lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey'.
d)write short notes an any 3 of the following:
¤pope's use of satire in the character of atticus
¤social criticism in london
¤mower against gardens as an example of pastoral poetry
¤significance of the title this lime-tree bower,my prison
¤The symbolic significance of the urn in keats ode to a grecian urn

3. ans any 1 of the following:(15marks)
a)discuss how the merchant of venice deals with problems of oppression and retaliation.
b)what elements of romantic comedy and tragi-comedy,are obtained in shakespeare's play?
c)shakespeare has only 'heroines' and not 'heroes'.comment.
d)write short notes on any 3 of the subsequent.
¤the opening scene
¤the casket
¤launcelot gobbo

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