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University of Hyderabad (UoH) 2011 M.A English Entrance for M .A - Question Paper

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Department of English


Max. Time: 2 hours    Max. Marks: 100


1.    Do not reveal your identity in any manner in any part of the answer book.

2.    Enter your Hall Ticket Number on the first page of each answer book. This paper comprises three sections in all. Section I is of an objective type. One third of a mark (1/3) will be deducted for every wrong answer. No marks will be deducted for questions not attempted. Section n comprises essay topics and Section III poetry comprehension.

3.    Write your answers only in the space provided in the question paper. No additional paper or answer book will be given.

4.    Space for rough work is provided on pages 17 and 18.

5.    This question paper contains 18 pages in all. Ensure that all the pages have been printed before you start answering.

6.    At the end of the examination return all three sections of the answer book to the invigilator.

[Turn to Page 2 for Section I]


There are 25 questions to answer.

The questions carry ONE MARK each.

Put a tick mark {/) against the correct answer ONLY in the appropriate box.

Choose the right answer from the options given under each item.

1.    I tried to find the name of the poet who wrote the poem. But he was_

   (a) anonymous

   (b) anomalous

   (c) incongruous

   (d) obvious

2.    The six hundred rode_the valley of death.

   (a) at

   (b) into

   (c) for

   (d) below

3.    The developments today reveal that the President has no_authority to

continue in office.

   (a) morale

   (b) moral

   (c) mortal

   (d) amoral

4.    He realised that he had said something totally out of context. He was forced to_

   (a) eat his own words

   (b) gulp his own words

   (c) mince his own words

   (d) digest his own words

5.    The news on the television often

the people.

   (a) mislead

   (b) misleads

   (c) are misleading

   (d) is misleading

6.    Thanks to the mobile, you have forgotten your spellings.

Which of the choices given below is not applicable?

   (a) a criticism

   (b) an appreciation

   (c) a factual statement

   (d) a humorous remark

7.    She has a kindly_.

   (a) deposition

   (b) disposition

   (c) dispensation

   (d) division

8.    A new multi-_restaurant is opening today.

   (a) cushion

   (b) cousin

   (c) contain

   (d) cuisine

9.    Dissent means_

   (a) partiality or preference for; a favourable opinion arrived at beforehand

   (b) to disagree; to differ in opinion

   (c) to banish or exile; to withdraw from one's country

   (d) a relation between two things shown in the resemblance not of the

things themselves but of their characteristics.

10.    If the books have been catalogued last week, why haven't they been placed on the shelf? Replace the underlined phrase with the correct phrase.

   (a) were catalogued

   (b) would have been catalogued

   (c) was catalogued

   (d) had been catalogued


11.    The following sentence is ambiguous. Choose the right word to disambiguate it Include your children when baking cookies

   (a) combine

   (b) involve

   (c) subsume

   (d) embody

12.    Choose the correctly punctuated sentence:

   (a) She invited him to her party and he accepted.

   (b) She invited him to her party and he, accepted.

   (c) She invited him to her party, and, he accepted.

   (d) She, invited him to her party and he accepted.

13.    I'm sorry, Smita isn't_at the moment. Can I take a message?

   (a) in


   (c) up

   (d) off

14.    After the party dispersed, I found a bunch of keys on the table._, someone

had forgotten to collect it.

From the options given, choose the incorrect one.

   (a) Obviously

   (b) dearly

   (c) Supposedly

   (d) Evidently

15.    There isn't much to choose from,_?


is there?


isn't it?


is it not?


isn't there?

16.    Corruption cannot be called a pan-Indian phenomenon. What does 'pan' mean?

   (a) only

   (b) within

   (c) across

   (d) all

17.    The king secretly cherished_that the young adventurer would fancy

marrying the princess.

   (a) the hope

   (b) an hope

   (c) hoping

   (d) hopes

18.    Which of the following wouldn't idiomatically modify "forgot"?

   (a) dean

   (b) dear

   (c) quite

   (d) entirely

19.    Can you put him___for the night?

   (a) up

   (b) of

   (c) at

   (d) in

In Questions 20 and 21, replace the items in bold with the correct option:

20.    In studying for an assignment it is wise to read the material over quickly at first, than see the major points, and finally outline the essay.

   (a) first: then

   (b) first-then

   (c) first, then

   (d) first-than


21. Its high time you quit smoking


It was




Wont it be


Will it

I was









23. 'Do you wake up grumpy in the morning?' 'No. He gets up on his own.' The question here hasn't received the answer it sought because_

   (a) Grumpy has been mistaken for a person.

   (b) Grumpy has been mistaken for a thing.

   (c) Grumpy has been mistaken for a mood.

   (d) Grump/s meaning has been mistaken.

24.    The phrase To be above board' means:

   (a) to stand above a board, say in a swimming pool

   (b) to be honest

   (c) to remain indifferent or unfazed

   (d) to be on the top deck of a ship

25.    The phrase'Confusing Idioms'means:

(i)    Idioms that are confusing

(ii)    Getting mixed up with idioms

(iii)    Idioms are confusing

Choose the right answer from the options given below:

   (a) (I) and (II)

   (b) (i) and (iii)

   (c) (ii) and (iii)

   (d) (i), (ii) and (iii)


Department of English



Write an essay on any one of the following topics In the space provided within this answer book.

1.    My nation, my language

2.    If I were a sparrow

3.    Why I like Indian films

4.    Shifting responsibility

5.    Some creative uses of boredom

6.    Linguistic embarrassments

7.    Book or blog - is that a question?

8.    As others see us

9.    Natural disasters

10.    People's revolutions

Department of English



Read the following poem carefully and answer the subsequent questions only In the space provided for each. Questions 1 to 5 carry 5 marks each; question 6 carries 10 marks.


IF there were dreams to sell,

What would you buy?

Some cost a passing bell;

Some a light sigh,

That shakes from Life's fresh crown Only a rose-leaf down.

If there were dreams to sell,

Merry and sad to tell,

And the crier rang the bell,

What would you buy?

A cottage lone and still,

With bowers nigh,

Shadowy, my woes to still,

Until I die.

Such pearls from Life's fresh crown Fain would I shake me down.

Were dreams to have at will,

This would best heal my ill,

This would I buy.

Thomas Lovell Beddoes

1. What is the basic premise of the poem?

2. What are the different prices of the various dreams that the poet mentions?

(5 marks)


3. Which particular dream does the poet want to buy?

4. Comment on the dominant mood of the poem.

(5 Marks)

5. Comment on the sounds of the last words of each line and identify the pattern, if any.

(5 Marks)


6. Comment on the relation of this'poem with the proverb "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

(10 Marks)

[ THE EXAMINATION PAPER ENDS HERE ] Turn to page 17 and 18 for rough work



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