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University of Hyderabad (UoH) 2011 M.A Entrance for M .A(Comparitive literature) - Question Paper

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Time: 2 Hours    Max. Marks: 100

Hall Ticket No.


1.    The question paper (in 9 pages) consists of two parts : Part A and Part B.

2.    Part A is of objective type and has to be answered in the question paper itself.

These are multiple choice questions. Each question has a choice of four answers.


a)    There is negative marking in this part V>-rd (0.33) will be deducted for each wrong answer.

b)    No mark will be deducted for an unanswered bit.

3.    Part B contains questions of a descriptive nature and has to be answered in the answer book provided by the University.

4.    Part B of the question paper is to be fastened to the answer book.

5.    Rough work, if any, has to be done on the last page of the answer book.

6.    All answers, except Part B III translation, have to be written in English.


Hall Ticket No.:

Part-A    (50 Marks)

Choose the most appropriate answer and enter the letter in the bracket

Which epics tell us about the ancient culture of warfare and politics?    (

A) Ramayana & Mahabharata    B) MahabharataMeghadutam

C) Ramayana & Mahapakistana    D) Raghuvamsa & Meghadutam

Who wrote the original Panchatantral    (

A) Samudragupta    B) Kalidasa

C) Vishnu Sharma    D) Tulsidas

Who is the lazy good-for-nothing heroic boy in The Thousand and One Nights? (

A) Ali Baba    B) Aladdin

C) Tookie    D) Abdul

What was the name of the woman from Florence who inspired Dante?    (

A) Beatrice Portinari    B) Isabella Funderella

C) Sophia Ponte    D) Roberta Pasta

Don Juan is a major character of what origin?    (

A) French    B) Russian

C) Spanish    D) Italian

In European literature, who is said to have sold his soul to the devil?    (

A) Beowulf    B) Faust

C) Mordred    D) Gustaf Bromberg, Jr.

Sir John Falstaff appears in which Shakespeare play?    (

A) Romeo and Juliet    B) Richard III

C) Taming of the Shrew    D) Henry IV

8.    Who is the Nobel Prize winning author of My Name is Red ?

A) Karl Marx    B) Victor Hugo

C) OrhaiPamuk    D) Ernest Hemingway

9.    Who is the first woman writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

A) Pearl S. Buck    B) Nadine Gordimer

C) Simone de Beauvoir    D) Tony Morrison

10.    The Pied Piper is a character in which country's legend?

A) United States    B) Cuba

C) Germany    D) Norway

11.    Who in folklore is also known as Robin Goodfellow?

A) Puck    B) Robin Hood

C) Rob Roy    D).Ivanhoe

12.    How many years did Rip Van Winkle sleep?

A) 20    B) 50

C) 100    D) 1000

13.    Sancho Panza is whose companion?

A) Oberon    B) Shylock

C) Zorro    D) Don Quixote

14.    Who wrote Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov?

A) Fyodor Dostoevsky    B) Leo Tolstoy

C) George Bernard Shaw    D) Aleksandr Pushkin

15.    Who is the hero of Great Expectations?    (    )

A) Clara Peggotty    B)Pip

C) Uriah Heep    D) David

16.    In Gulliver's Travels, where are the residents like horses?    (    )

A) Brobdingnag    B)Lilliput

C) Laputa    D) Houyhnhnms

17.    According to Robert de Boron which war leader came to power after drawing

a sword out of the anvil?    (

A) Napoleon    B) Arthur

C) Achilles    D) Julius Ceasar

18.    Which institution of higher learning did Harry Potter attend?    (

A) Oxbridge    B) Harvard

C) Hogwarts    D) Twin Towers

19.    Who wears a black mask and patched costuifle in Italian literature?    (

A) Harlequin    B) Gypsy King

C) Monte Cristo    D) Maria Ragu

20.    Chimanada Ngozi Adichies famous debut novel is __(

A) Things Fall Apart    B) Purple Hibiscus

C) Half of the Yellow Sun    D) The Glass Menagerie

21.    Who wrote Devdas ?    (

A) Rabindranath Tagore    B) Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay

C) Saratchandra Chattopadhyay D) Nirad C. Choudhury

22.    Kafan is the short story by which famous writer?    (

A) Munshi Premchand    B) Sadat Hasan Manto

C) Maithili Sharan Gupt    D) Harivansh Rai Bachhan

23.    Which of the following work of Gunturu Seshendra Sarma was nominated for

2004 Nobel Prize in Literature?    (

A) Shodasi    B) Swama Hamsa

C) Kaala Rekha    D) Naa Desam, Naa Prajaalu

24.    Which Indian king was called Sandracottus by the Greeks?    (

A) RanaPratap    B) Porus

C) Chandragupta    D) Samudragupta

25.    Who was the first Jnanpith Awardee for Malayalam literature?    (

A) Kumaranasan    B) Vallathol

C) G. Sankara Kurup    D) O N V Kurup


26.    Who is the author of the classic study titled The Feminine Mystiquel    (    )

A) Virginia Woolf    B) Germaine Greer

C) Simone de Beauvoir    D) Betty Friedan

27.    The first ever self narrative of a domestic worker is written by__( )

A) Baby Haider    B) Baby Kamble

C) Panna Bai    D) C. K. Janu

28.    The Grip of Change is the translation of a Tamil story on dalit womens lives

written by __(    )

A) Bama    B) P. Sivakami

C) Madara Chennaiah    D) Abimani

29.    Raghupati Sahay is better known by his pen name as__( )

A) Gulzar    B) Pushpak

C) Firaq Gorakhpuri    D) Aftab

30.    _wrote poignant lyrics on his imprisonment and transportation to Rangoon. (    )

A) Ghalib    B) AmirKhusro

C) Bhadur Shah Zafar    D) ChandBardai

31.    Which phrase indicates the interior flow of thought employed in Modem literature? (

A) free association    B) stream of consciousness

C) stream of memory    D) free flow of ideas

32.    With which enormously influential perspective or practice is Sigmund Freud associated?    (    )

A) eugenics    B) psychoanalysis

C) phrenology    D) anarchism

33.    Who of the following would be considered a postcolonial novelist, defined as coming historically after the era of England's large-Scale imperialism?    ( )

A) Salman Rushdie    B) Joseph Conrad

C) E.M. Forster    D) Rudyard Kipling

34.    One archetype in literature is the scapegoat. Which of the following literary characters serves that purpose?    (    )

A) Captain Ahab    B) Billy Budd

C) Hamlet    D) Dr. Mumau


35.    Satyajit Ray directed Sonar Kella. Who wrote the book?    (    )

A) Pramatha Kumar Das    B) Satyajit Ray

C) Buddhadeva Bose    D) Sukumar Ray

36.    Which of the following is not among the Telugu Pancha Kavyas    (    )

(the five great books of Telugu Literature)

A) Vijayavilasamu    B) Vanivilasam

C) Vasu Charitra    D) Panduranga Mahatyam

37. Which scientific or technological advance did not take place in the first fifteen years of the twentieth century?    (    )

A) wireless communication B) invention of the airplane C) invention of the internet D) mass production of cars

38.    Which of the following was not written by Gurram Joshua?    (    )

A) Gudiselu Kaalipothunnaavi B) Baapoojee C ) Gabbilam    D) Aandhra Bhojudu

39.    Which of the following writers did not come from Ireland?    (    )

A) W.B. Yeats    B) Seamus Heaney

C) James Joyce    D) Robert Bums

40.    Which of the following is not associated with high modernism in the novel? (    )

A) free indirect style    B) irresolute open endings

C) the mythical method    D) narrative realism

41.    J. RR. Tolkien is to Rings as Golding is to,____(    )

A) Dance    B) Weed

C) Lion    D) Flies

42.    R.K. Narayan is to Malgudi as U.R. Ananthamurthy is to __(    )

A) Bharathipura    B) Kanthapura

C) Tungabhadra    D) Ayemanam

43.    Guava Garden is to Kiran Desai as Binding Vine is to __(    )

A) Ruth Prawer Jhabwala B) Sashi Deshpande

C) Namita Gokhale    D) Anita Desai

44.    Bhuvan is to Lagaan as Shambhu is to__(    )

A) Bees Saal Baad    B) Peepli Live

C) Do Bigha Zameen    D) Garam Hawa

45.    Meerabai is to Rajasthan as Lai Dedh is to____(    )

A) Karnataka    B) Kashmir

C) Gujarat    D) Maharashtra

46.    In most societies, works of art and architecture generally serve to_ ( )

A) satisfy the needs of the leaders B) indicate the influence of religion C) reflect the values of that society D) express political opposition

47.    Which statement best describes the status of women in most traditional Asian societies?

( )

A)    women are encouraged to obtain an education

B)    women are expected to run for political office

C)    women are expected to dedicate their lives to their families

D)    women are encouraged to work outside the home

48.    The study of culture primarily involves__(    )

A)    observing the physical environment of people

B)    learning why various peoples live as they do

C)    understanding the technology of modem machinery

D)    analyzing the personalities of children in the same family

49.    Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia?    (    )

A) ethnocentrism    B) isolation

C) imperialism    . D) cultural diffusion

50.    Which conclusion is best supported by these quotations?    (    ) From a little spark may burst a might) flame. --Dante

Tall oaks from little acorns grow" -David Everett

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -- Lao-tzu

A)    all cultures are concerned with transportation and conservation

B)    in all cultures, people make excuses for their mistakes.

C)    geography is important for the development of all cultures

D)    people from different cultures often view situations in similar ways.


Part-B    (50 Marks)

I. Answer either IA or IB.    (15 marks)

1. A. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow by entering the appropriate letter of your choice in the bracket    (5x3 = 15 marks)

I remember the night my mother was stung by a scorpion. Ten hours of steady rain had driven him to crawl beneath a sack of rice, parting with his poison -flash

of diabolic tail in the dark room

He risked the rain again.

The peasants came like swarms of flies And buzzed the name of God a hundred times To paralyze the Evil One With Candles and lanterns Throwing giant scorpion shadows On the mud baked walls They searched for him: he was not found They clicked their tongues.

With every movement that the scorpion made his poison moved in Mothers bloqd they said...

1.    When was Mother stung by the scorpion?    (    )

a) night    b) evening

c) day    d) dawn

2.    What figure of speech is the following expression: diabolic tail    (    )

a) alliteration    b) synecdoche

c) simile    d) metaphor

3.    Poison- flash in the context of the poem signifies__(    )

a) sudden bite of the scorpion    b) poison moving through mothers blood

c) the flash of thunder    d) medicines brought by the peasants

4.    The Evil One in the context of the poem connotes__(    )

a) a swarm of flies    b) poison

c) torrential rain    d) the devil in the shape of a scorpion


5. Where did the scorpion hide after it had bitten Mother?    (    )

a) in the rain soaked fields    b) in the shadow of the candles and lanterns

c) beneath a sack of rice    d) in the peasants cottages.


I. B. Write short notes on any two of the following:    (7.5 x 2 = 15)

a.    Regional cinema

b.    Super Hero in Bollywood films

c.    Social relevance of Facebook and Twitter

d.    Fairy tales

H. Write an essay on any one of the following:    (20 Marks)

a.    Modem Indian theatre

b.    Discuss the statement: Indian literature is one although written in many languages.

c.    Elaborate: Dont judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.

d.    The importance of translation in a multilingual society.

in. Translate the following passage into any language other than English:

(Note : Mention the language)    (15 Marks)

Nyadosh, the Incredible Cow

In cock and bull stories, cows climb trees; but my mothers cow actually climbed all the way up to the first floor and loved eating fish and meat.

The lady who brought up my mother, her Moni Mashi and our Moni didima, is now ninety three and still alive.

She lives at Deoghar with a few cows. Her cows drink tea in the winter and eat rice the whole year through. When it gets cold, they don coats made from the blankets. Maybe, thats where ma inherited her own love for cows from. Even now ma has a cow. None of us has seen it. Thats because the cow grazes in Patal Babus garden, delivers her calves at Menokas place and is milked by Punnis mother, who drinks the milk.

For my mothers sake, my baba keeps buying hay, husk and oil cake for this cow. Jatin comes to look after her, although - as I have already mentioned - nobody in the house has ever seen her.



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