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Nalanda Open University 2009 B.A Economics (Hons.) Part-I, -I {Micro } - Question Paper

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Nalanda Open University
Final Examination, 2009
Bachelor of Arts, Economics (Hons.), Part-I
Paper-I {Micro Economics}
Full Marks : 80
Time : 3.00 Hrs.

ans any 5 ques.. All ques. carry equal marks.

1. Make a comparison of definitions of economics provided by Marshall and Robbins.

2. describe micro and macro economics and discuss the kinds of micro and macro economics.

3. discuss Consumer surplus. How consumer's surplus is measured through indifference curve analysis?

4. discuss Income Effect and define the relation ranging from price effect, income effect and substitution effect.

5. discuss the legal regulations of variable proportions with diagrams.

6. What do you mean by equilibrium of a firm? discuss the conditions for equilibrium of the firm?

7. What is market? explain its classification.

8. What is monopoly? How is price determined under monopoly in a short period?

9. explain the modern theory of rent.

10. discuss the meaning and effects of Risk and Uncertainty.

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