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Kerala University 2012 M.B.A First semester (ft/pt) ,uary (2009 scheme) 107:: operations management - Question Paper

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(2009 SCHEME)


Name: yOt.n*.............

First Semester M.B.A. (Full time/Part time) Degree Examination, January 2012 (2009 Scheme)


Time : 3 Hours    Max. Marks: 60


Writeshort notes on any five of the following. Each carries 3 marks.

Production management.

2. Plntlocation.*

Vaf'Qyaiity control.

yptuG engineeniig.

\JSfJnst In Time (JIT).

A 8000.

7.    Buffer stock. *

8.    Perpetual inventory system. *    (5x3=15 Marks)


Answer any three of the following questions. Each carries 10 marks.

9.    What are the ingredients of production management ?

Discuss the various types of plant layout.

11. Explain the steps involved in the production planning and control.

Explain the concept of MRP/

13. Discuss the transportation model as a tool of production and operations management.

J'What is TQM ? Explain its various steps involved/    (3x10=30 Marks)


15. Lai and Co. Ltd produces Aluminium pipes which is located at Avady, Chennai. The plant was originally built In 1985. With the increasing demand, the company thinks to start throe rmw alternative locations: Bangalore, Bombay and Culcutta. The production process of Lai and Co. Ltd require about 250 production workers and 175 engineering and management personnel, large land, large volumes of materials to be transported In and out of the plant. The operating cost of the three locations analysed by the company Is as follows

Annual fixed expenses Variable expenses

Bangalore    Bombay Culcutta

Rs. 25 lakhs Rs 18 Lakhs Rs 23 Lakhs Rs 0,0500    Rs 0.0700 Rs.0.1100

These costs reflect all relocation costs, production and overhead costs and transportation costs. The company has produced 8,50,000 products this year and aalfls a to expected to Increase by 76,000 per year The company does not think that the sains volume or sale price will bo attected by the location of the plant. Analyse the case and choose the right location Justify your answer.


The annual demand for an automobile component is 24,000 units. The carrying cost is Re. 0.40/per unit/year. The ordering cost is Rs. 20 per order and the shortage cost is Rs. 10/unlt/year.

Find the optional values of the following :


V* te) Maximum Inventory

c) Maximum shortage quantity /

Cycle time

e) Inventory period (t.,)

1) Shortage period (t2).    15

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