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Pondicherry University 2009 B.C.A Computer Application , communication skills-II - Question Paper

Monday, 28 January 2013 12:35Web

fourth semester

Computer applications/computer science


TIME: three hours Max mark: 100

1. learn the subsequent and ans the ques. below:
(10 marks)

It may be asked, ‘in what respect do speeches differ from a pamphlet or magazine article? There is an essential difference. Speech has a human element lacking in the written word, because speech is communication ranging from the speaker and his audience face to face. This fact should be ever current to the speaker’s mind both when preparing and delivering the speech. People addressed every other by word of mouth long before they wrote. Speech, therefore, is more primitive and human than written matter. Public speaking not only admits but demands characteristics which would be blemishes in compositions intended to be learn. The attention of the audience must be held, arguments repeated and free use made of analogies and illustrations. For 3rd cause good speakers are often bad writers, while good authors are rarely effective speakers. A speech is a transistory, evanescent, episodic production depending for its immediate effect not only upon the matter but upon the delivery which enables the great speaker to sway his hearers. From their point of view personality is the things that count for most. In written composition it stands for little or nothing. The quality of the written word is the only thing that matters. The writer may be repulsive but he is invisible. He looks at you only through the printed page. The speaker is judged by what he is or what he appears to be No man can achieve wide distinction as a speaker unless he can impress an audience face to face. That is the acid test of oratory, high or low. That is how the speakers make his reputation.

(a) What according to the writer is the difference ranging from speech and a magazine article?
(b) What is speech?
(c) How did the people address every other in the past?
(d) Why are the good speakers often bad writers?
(e) How is a speaker judged?

2. Make a precise of the subsequent passage: (15 marks)

The representative is always in the difficulty that if he is too far in advance of public opinion, and if he administers too many shocks, he may lose all further opportunities of ‘educating his public, for the excellent cause that his public will throw him out of office. It may be heroic to become a voice crying in the wilderness, but it is not practically effective. It is not therefore always mere cowardice which prevents the politician from announcing, in blunt terms, what he really believers if he knows that it will be unpopular; he often has to consider how he can lead public opinion without letting it become aware that it is being led. The process is not only exceedingly delicate but often painfully slow and to statesman of strong judgments it must often tax patience almost beyond endurance. In modern times there are no more remarkable examples of it than Mr.Roosevelt’s handling of public opinion before America’s entry into the war.

3. Your roommate met with an accident. She is in hospital with multiple fractures on her legs and a wound on the forehand. Draft a telegram to her parents. (5 marks)

4. ans any 3 of the following: (3*6=18 marks)

(a) Write a letter to the editor protesting against the corporation’s more to fell the trees on the road side.
(b) Write a letter to your uncle congratulating him on his getting a promotion.
(c) You had placed an order for 20 copies of dictionary. But the parcel sent by the publisher contained only 15 copies. Write a complaint to the publisher.
(d) You are building a house. Place an order foe supplying electric fittings with a firm in Delhi.

5. Write short notes on any 2 of the following: (2*6=12 marks)

(a) pie chart
(b) Agenda
(c) Order or contents of a report.

6. Write a letter of application in reply to the subsequent advertisement in The Hindu. (12 marks)

Vacancy for a young man of good education, smart appearance, as sales representative. Free training, previous experience not necessary, but initiative essential. Apply Deccan Advertisements Ltd. Rashtrapathi Road, Calcutta-55

7. Draft a speech of the principal speaker at a farmer’s gathering. (7 marks)

8. Draw an outline for a report on the spending habits of the students of your college. (7 marks)

9. elaborate minutes? discuss the essential points you would consider in writing minutes? (7 marks)

10. Make notes on the subsequent passage: (7 marks)

A painter of eminence had once resolved to finish a piece of art which should please the whole world. When therefore, he had drawn a picture in which his utmost skill was exhausted, it was exposed in the public market place, with directions at the bottom for every spectator to mark, with a brush that lay by, every limb and feature which seemed erroneous. The spectators came, and in general applauded; but every willing to show his talent at criticism, marked whatever he thought appropriate. At evening when the painter came he was mortified to obtain the whole picture 1 universal blot, not a single stroke that had not the marks of disapprobation. Not satisfied with this trail, the next day he was resolved to try them in a various manner and exposing his picture as before, desired that every spectator would mark those beauties he approved of admired. The people complied; and the artist, returning, obtained the picture covered with marks of beauty; every stroke that had been yesterday condemned, now received the character of appreciation. ‘Well’ cried the painter,” now obtain that the best way to succeed is to aim at satisfying the few”.


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