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Amity University 2009 M.B.A E-Business MS 01 Management Functions and Behaviour - Question Paper

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MS 01 Management Functions and Behaviour
Note :
(i) There are 2 parts A and B.
(ii) Attempt any 4 ques. from part A. every ques. carries 15 marks.
(iii) part B is compulsory and carries 40 marks.
part A

1 discuss the approaches to leadership and explain which could be the best suitable style of leadership. provide reasons.

2 "Communication is considered to be the most important and most effective ingredient of the management process." what are this statement and explain the underlying concept with suitable examples.

3 explain whether you need any control when every thing is going as planned.

4 describe organisational structure and discuss with suitable examples, how structure and productivity can be linked to every other.

5 describe and differentiate ranging from centralisation and decentralisation of authority. Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 systems in organisational situation.

6 Write short notes on any 3 of the subsequent :
(i) Delphi technique
(i) Johari Window
(iii) Democratic vs Laissez-Faire
(iv) Semantic barrier
(v) Informal groups
part B

7 learn the case provided beneath and ans the ques. provided at the end.

Ms. Subhashini had graduated with a degree in foreign languages. As the child of a military family, she had visited many parts of the world and had traveled extensively in Europe. Despite these broadening experiences, she had never provided much thought to a career until her latest divorce from Mr. Srinivas.

Needing to give her own income, Ms. Subhashini began to look for work. After a fairly intense but unsuccessful search for a job related to her foreign language degree, she began to evaluate her other skills. She had become a proficient typist in college and decided to look into secretarial work. Although she still wanted a career utilizing her foreign language skills, she felt that the immediate financial pressures would be eased in a temporary secretarial position.

Within a short period of time, she was hired as a clerk/typist in a typing pool at Life Insurance Company. 6 months later, she became the top typist in the pool and was assigned as secretary to Mrs. Arora, manager of marketing research. She was pleased to get out of the pool and to get a job that had more variety in the tasks to perform. Besides, she also got a nice raise in pay.

every thing seemed to proceed will for the next 9 months. Mrs. Arora was pleased with Subhashini's work, and she seemed happy with her work. Subhashini applied for a few other more professional jobs in other areas during this time. However, every time her application was rejected for lack of related education and/or experience in the area.

Over the next few months, Arora noticed modifications in Subhashini. She did not always dress as neatly as she had in the past, she was occasionally late for work, a few of her lunches extended to 2 hours, and most of her productive work was done in the morning hours. Arora did not wish to say anything because Subhashini had been doing an excellent job and her job tasks still were being accomplished on time. However, Subhashini's job behavior continued to worsen. She began to be absent frequently on Mondays or Fridays. The two-hour lunch periods became standard, and her work performance began to deteriorate. In addition, Arora began to suspect that Subhashini was drinking heavily, due to her appearance a few mornings and behavior after her two-hour lunches.

Arora decided that she must confront Subhashini with the issue. However, she wanted to obtain a way to help her without losing a valuable employee. Before she could set up a meeting, Subhashini burst through her door after lunch 1 day and stated :

"I want to talk to you Mrs. Arora."

"That's fine," Arora replied, " Shall we set a convenient time?"

"No ! I want to talk now."

"OK, why don't you sit down and let's talk?"

Arora noticed that Subhashini was slurring her words slightly and she was not too steady.

"Mrs. Arora, I need a few vacation time."

"I'm sure we can work that out. You've been with the company for over a year and have 2 weeks' vacation coming."

"No, you don't understand. I want to begin it tomorrow."

"But, Subhashini, we need to plan to get a temporary replacement. We can't just let your job go for 2 weeks."

"Why not? Anyway anyone with an IQ above 50 can do my job. Besides, I need the time off."

"Subhashini, are you sure you are all right?"

"Yes, I just need a few time away from the job."

Arora decided to let Subhashini have the vacation, which would allow her a few time to decide what to do about the situation.

Arora thought about the situation the next couple of days. It was possible that Subhashini was an alcoholic. Hoever, she also seemed to have a negative reaction to her job. Maybe Subhashini was bored with her job. She did not have the experience or job skills to move to a various kind of job at current. Arora decided to meet with the Personnel Manager and get a few help developing her choices to deal with Subhashini's issue.
ques. :

1. What is the issue in your opinion? what are.
2. presume that you are the Personnel Manager. elaborate the options available with Mrs. Arora?
3. What do you consider the best alternative? Why?

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