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Kerala University 2005 B.A Modern western philosophy - Question Paper

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Part III-Group IV-Phiiosophy Paper V-MQDERN. WESTERN PHILOSOPHY Time : Three Hours    V    Maximum : 100 Marks

Answers may be written either in English or in Malayalam.

Part A

Answer any two questiojis.

Each question carries 20 marks.

1.    Explain Leibniz's doctrine of monads.

2.    Examine Berkeleys theory to be is to be perceived".

3.    Explain the Dialectical method of Hegel.

4.    Explain the general characteristics of Existentialism.

(2 x 20 40 marks)

Part B

-------- -    . Answer nny ton qupjitinns._________________________

Each question carries 6 marks.

5.    State the chief characteristics of modem western philosophy.

6.    Explain the method of Descartes.

7.    Explain Spihozas theory of modes,

8.    Explain the origin of Ideas according to John Locke.

9.. Discuss Humes theory of Causation. .

10.    How does Kant distinguish between phenomena and Noumena.

11.    Explain the ph&nomenological method.

12.    Give an account of the verification theory of meaning.

13.    Explain Descartes theory of Interactionism.

M.    Explain Leibnizs The Best of all possible Worlds,

15.    Explain Lockes rejection of Innate Ideas.

16.    Briefly explain Kant's idea of synthetic a-priori Judgments.

}7.    Explain Humes scepticism.

18.    Briefly explain Kants categories.

19.    Explain Hegels organic view of reality.

20.    Explain Humes account of impressions and ideas.-

(10 x 6 = 60 marks)


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