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Periyar University 2005 B.B.A Foundation ENGLISH - Question Paper

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First Semester
Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks
1 Pick up the accurate ans and fill up the blanks :
(10 x one = 10)
(a) In doing so, he pushed me on to a peak
(height, honour, performance, glory)
(b) My Captain not ans.
(do, did, does, didn't)
(c) Success depends more on
than on knowledge.
(money, power, character, generosity)

(d) Of that wreck, boundless
and bare.
(small, ship, vast, colossal)
(e) The essential thing in life is not conquering
but well.
(participating, managing, leading, fighting)
(f) must prevail to foster
(goodwill, honesty, truth, happiness)
(g) War creates
(destruction, worry, fear, loss)
(h) He was punished for his .
(mistake, ignorance, crime, lapse)
(i) The child was attracted by the
of the ball.
(size, colour, movement, shape)
(j) When there was a problem, he ran for
(safety, food, water, protection)
2. Annotate any 5 OF the subsequent not choosing
more than 3 from any part : (5 x two = 10)
part A
(a) The Municipal Chairman tried to put him off by saying There is no driver'.
(b) Suddenly all the tension seemed to ebb out of my body as the truth of what he stated hit me.
(c) In matters of dress, fashion, eating habits and daily routine, he can follow his own fancy.
(d) Such small gestures go a long way in rehabilitating disadventurous children.
part B
(e) The only other sounds the sweep Of easy wind and downly flake.
(f) The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more.
(g) In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly, But westward, look, the land is bright.
(h) She obtained me roots of relish sweet
And honey wild, and manna dew;
3. (a) Fill up the blanks with suitable articles : (2)
angry athlete is
athlete who will make mistakes as
any coach will tell you. On first of my
three qualifying jumps, I leaped from several inches
beyond take off board.
(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :
We are all liable forget this
and unfortunately we are much more conscious
the imperfection
others this respect than
our own.
(c) Write the accurate spelling for the subsequent : (2)
(i) delibrate (ii) olymbic
(iii) conquar (iv) proboble
(v) consious.
(d) Write synonyms for the subsequent words : (2)
(i) retard (ii) hideous
(iii) lethargy (iv) anarchy (v) leap.
(e) Write antonyms for the subsequent words : (2)
(i) fake (ii) bitter
(iii) serious (iv) shabby
(v) eliminate.
4. (a) learn the subsequent passage and then ans
the ques. provided beneath : (5)
A stout old lady was walking with her basket down the middle of a street in Petrograd to the great confusion of the traffic and with no small peril to herself. It was pointed out to her that the pavement was the place for foot-passengers, but she replied : 'Tarn going to walk where I like. We've got liberty now". It did not occur to the dear old lady that if liberty entitled the foot-passenger to walk down the middle of the road, then the end of such liberty would be universal chaos
(i) What was the stout lady doing?
(ii) What did her action cause?
(iii) What was a pavement meant for?
(iv) What was the reply of the stout lady?
(v) What would happen if liberty was misused?
(b) Write a telegram for the subsequent situation :
(i) We are not in a position to despatch goods due to a strike by the workers of the factory. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience being caused to you.
(ii) Kindly refer to your telegram of 10th October. The tool kits you have ordered are readily available. Kindly let us know how the kits should be sent.
5. ans 4 of the subsequent in 100 words
choosing 2 from every Group : (4x5 = 20)
(a) Describe how young children are forced to become child labourers.
(b) Bring out the humour in the story 'Engine Trouble'.
(c) What are the duties of students?
(d) How does Gardiner distinguish ranging from personal and social liberty?
(e) How is the girl defined in the poem 'The Solitary Reaper'?
(f) How is imagery used in the poem 'Say not Struggle Nought Availeth'?
(g) Describe the reactions of Shelley after seeing the broken statue of Ozymandias.
(h) Narrate the feelings of Whitman at death of Abraham Lincoln.
6. Write essays, using not more than 200 words on
the subsequent : (4 x 10 = 40)
(a) (i) How does Jesse Owens consider his friendship with Luz Long as more than a gold medal?
(ii) What gift do the wisemen bring in 'The Gift of Magi'?
(b) (i) What does the poem Stopping by Woods
on a Snowy Evening convey?
(ii) define the artistic quality of the poet in 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'.
(c) (i) discuss the element of suspense in 'The
Lady or The Tiger.'
(ii) How is the ironic twist brought out in 'The Necklace'?
(d) (i) Write a brief account of the story of
Srinivasa Ramanujam.
(ii) Narrate the achievements of Homi J. Bhabha.

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