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Periyar University 2009 B.B.A keting management - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 07:50Web

PART-A (10*2=20)
ans ALL ques.

1)define marketing
2)define industry
3)define market positioning
4)define niches
5)define concept development
6)define markup pricing
7)define jobber
8)write any 4 public relation tools
9)define virtual advertising
10)define B2B e-commerce

PART-B (5*4=20)
ans ALL ques.

11)a)write short on the importance of marketing (or)
b)discuss the scope of rural marketing

12)a)explain the cultural factors that influence the buyer behaviour (or)
b)explasin the trends for market segmentation

13)a)write short notes on discriminating pricing (or)
b)explain the factors influencing the price of a product

14)a)write short notes on the patterns of retailing (or)
b)explain the importance of publicity

15)a)discuss the role of mobile in e-business (or)
b)write short notes on research design

ans ALL ques.

16)a)explain the selling and marketing concept in detail (or)
b)explain the demographic and cultural factors that affect the business

17)a)explain the bases for segmenting the consumer market (or)
b)explain the different kinds of buying behaviour

18)a)discuss the steps involved in new product development (or)
b)discuss the elements of marketing mix

19)a)explain the steps involved in designing the sales force (or)
b)discuss the AIDA model in detail

20)a)discuss the pros and cons of telemarketing (or)
b)explain the steps involved in marketing research

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