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Periyar University 2008 B.B.A Business law-i - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 07:45Web

PART-A (10*2=20)
ans ALL ques.

1)what is an agreement?
2)define the term legal obligation?
3)what is remission?
4)define the term waiver?
5)state the rescission
6)what is a contract of indemnity?
7)define bailment?
8)what is legal regulations of sale of goods?
9)define warranty?
10)what is a contract of agency?

PART-B (5*4=20)
ans ALL ques.

11) a)what is the object and nature of the legal regulations of contract? (or)
b)distinguish ranging from void contracts and voidable contracts

12) a)discuss the legal regulations relating to discharge of a contract by mutual consent (or)
b)what principles are applied in order to access the amount of damages recoverable for a breach of contract?

13) a)what is a contract of guarantee?what are its special features? (or)
b)define bailments and provide its characteristics

14) a)how is a contract of sale made and state the formalities? (or)
b)when is a seller of goods deemed to be an unpaid seller?what are his rights?

15) a)define the terms agent and principal?(or)
b)who is an agent? how does he differ from a servent?

PART-C (5*12=60)
ans ALL ques.

16) a)"all contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts"- explain the statement elaborately (or)

b)write short notes on:
(i)quasi contract
(ii)implied contract
(iii)executed contract

17) a)stste briefly the different modes in which a contract may be discharged (or)
b)discuss briefly the remedies for breach of contract

18) a)explain contract of indemnity. elaborate the rights of an indemnity holder when sued? (or0
b)explain how a bailment may outcome without the owner truly delivering the goods to the bailee.

19) a)briefly discuss the conditions and warranties implied by legal regulations in a contractfor the sale of goods (or)
b)state briefly the rules as to the passing of property from the seller to the buyer in a contract for the sale of goods.?

20) a)briefly discuss different modes by which an agent may be created? (or)
b)describe briefly the different modes by which an agent may be terminated?

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