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Periyar University 2010 B.C.A Computer Application - e-commerce - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 07:15Web

PATR- A (10*2=20)

1) provide the expansion for B2B and B2C
2) Name any 2 methods by which security can be given for E-mail
3) Mention the purpose of HTML forms
4) How makes the difference ranging from internet and intranet?
5) elaborate the elements obtained in the EDIFACT message transactions?
6) Name the layers obtained in EAN system
7) What BPR stands for?
8) Name any 2 reasons for electronic document
10)Give any 2 names for web browsers

PART-B (5*4=20)

11) a)Discuss the functions of value added networks (or)
b)Compare and contrast electronic data interchange with electronic mail.

12) a)Explain the concept of browsers (or)
b)List the benefits of electronic data interchange

13) a)How an EDIFACT message is prepared? (or)
b)List the services rendered by NIL

14) a)List any 4 security concerns solutions (or)
b)Describe the implementation plan for change management

15) a)How to authenticate an electronic document? (or)
b)Discuss the legal problems for internet commerce

PART-C (5*12=60)

16) a)Discuss on ISO's open system interconnection model with its architecture. (or)
b)Give the merits and demerits of electronic mail

17) a)How intranet is implented? (or)
b)Discuss the working concepts of the components of EDI system.

18) a)Explain the following:
(i) Commerce Over Internet
(ii) Commerce Over Extranet (or)
b)How Internet bandwidth is defined? explain its problems

19) a)Discuss the guidelines for cryptography policy (or)
b)What is BPR methodology? explain its approach

20) a)State the laws foe E-Commerce in India (or)
b)What is a web? How to setup a website?

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