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Periyar University 2007 B.B.A -production management - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 07:10Web

PART-A (2*10=20)


1) describe production management
2) What is plant layout?
3) What is production planning?
4) What is production control?
5) What do you understand by quality control?
6) What is Inspection?
7) What is plant?
8) State any 2 advantages of plant maintenance.
9) What is time study?
10)What is motion study?

PART-B (5*4=20)


11) a)What are the issues of production management? (or)
b)Explain the scope of production management

12) a)What are the functions of production planning? (or)
b)State the main objectives of production order

13) a)What are the objectives of quality control? (or)
b)What are the major objects of Inspection?

14) a)What are the different kinds of Maintenance? (or)
b)What is preventive maintenance?What are its objectives?

15) a)State the importance of work study (or)
b)State the objectives of work measurement

PART-C (5*12=60)

ans ALL ques.

16) a)What factors affects the option of a suitable place for the location of a plant? (or)
b)Describe the different kinds of layout

17) a)Describe the functions of routing and scheduling (or)
b)What are the objectives of production planning?

18) a)What are the advantages of centralised inspection? (or)
b)State the importance of quality control

19) a)What are the issues of maintenance management? (or)
b)What are the disadvantages of breakdown maintenance?

20) a)Explain the need for work study in an enterprise (or)
b)What are the steps involved in motion study?

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