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Periyar University 2001-3rd Sem B.A English , ember/ember 2010ester prose - i - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 05:50Web

part - A

ans the subsequent ques. in about 30 words every :

1. How did Sir Roger go to the theatre? [marks 2]

2. What type of man was the spectator? [marks 2]

3. elaborate the faults of great men? [marks 2]

4. What, according to Bacon, are 3 uses of study? [marks 2]

5. What according to Lynd, is the cheif value of error? [marks 2]

6. How does Priestley define his own performance as a lecturer? [marks 2]

7. What according to Chesterton is the old method of eulogizing the rich? [marks 2]

8. What does Charles Lamb say about the female poor relation? [marks 2]

9. How does Hazlitt define the moments before the beginning of the fight? [marks 2]

10. Francis Bacon "Of Great Place" _ Comment. [marks 2]

part - B

ans the subsequent in about 100 words every :

11. (a) elaborate Lynd's views on Shakespeare and his mistakes? [marks 5]


(b) HOw does Chesterton comment on the modern methods of flattery. [marks 5]

12. (a) define the tragic life and death of Favell. [marks 5]


(b) elaborate Roger's views on the play "The Distressed Mother"? [marks 5]

13. (a) Comment on Bacon's "Of Studies". [marks 5]


(b) elaborate Priestley's thoughts about the audience he faces? [marks 5]

14. (a) elaborate your impressions on the Gas-man? [marks 5]


(b) Comment on Goldsmith's "Man in Black". [marks 5]

15. (a) Comment on Steele's spectator club. [marks 5]


(b) Examine Charles Lamb's poor relations. [marks 5]

part - C

ans any 3 of the subsequent ques. in about 200 words every :

16. Bring out the humour in "Lecturers" by J.B.Priestley. [marks 10]

17. Sketch the character of man in black. [marks 10]

18. Write an essay on Bacon's style with reference to his prescribed essays. [marks 10]

19. Comment on the personality of Sir Roger. [marks 10]

20. Robert Lynd "In Praise of mistakes" - explain. [marks 10]

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