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Periyar University 2010-3rd Sem B.A English , ember/ember journalism - sics - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 05:45Web

part - A

ans the subsequent in about 30 words every :

1. elaborate the differnt types of Newspapers? [marks 2]

2. elaborate the instruments of mass communication? [marks 2]

3. When did the press council circulate a list of guidelines to newsprints and journals? [marks 2]

4. Who revised and updated the Guide to Journalistic Ethics in 1995? [marks 2]

5. Write about the role of a News Editor. [marks 2]

6. elaborate the factors that determine the news value? [marks 2]

7. Who is a reporter? [marks 2]

8. elaborate the 2 kinds of News report? [marks 2]

9. What should a person do before the Interview? [marks 2]

10. describe 'interviewing'. [marks 2]

part - B

ans the subsequent ques. in about 100 words every :

11. (a) elaborate the objectives of a newsprint. [marks 5]


(b) Write about Indian Language Press. [marks 5]

12. (a) elaborate the ethics of Media? [marks 5]


(b) A code of Ethics for Indian Journalist - explain. [marks 5]

13. (a) Write a short note on Editorial Responsibility. [marks 5]


(b) Write about Feature Writing. [marks 5]

14. (a) discuss 2 kinds of News Reporting. [marks 5]


(b) elaborate the qualities of a good critic? [marks 5]

15. (a) Write about the role of Inteviews in Journalism. [marks 5]


(b) What has to be done during the Interview? [marks 5]

part - C

ans any 3 ques. in about 200 words every :

16. Write an essay about the development of Journalism in India. [marks 10]

17. Press council's Guide to Journalistic Ethics - explain. [marks 10]

18. How does a journalist become an editor? elaborate the bound responsibilities of an editor? [marks 10]

19. Write an essay on the traits of a Good Reporter. [marks 10]

20. discuss the ethics and codes followed by an Interviewer while interviewing. [marks 10]

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