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Periyar University 2010-3rd Sem B.A English , ember/ember foundation - iii - Question Paper

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part - A

I . ans the subsequent :

1. Using 'that' convert the 1st sentence in every pair into a dependent clause and put the 'that' clause in the place of 'it' in the 2nd

sentence. [marks 2]

(a) I scored 80 marks. It gave me pleasure.

(b) You have got a job. It pleases me.

2. Combine every of the subsequent pairs of phrases into 1 sentence, converting the italicized sentence into a relative clause; use a

relative pronoun for the object of the verb in the 2nd sentence : 1st use the relative pronoun and then drop it. [marks 2]

(a) The book is good. Raman wrote the book.

(b) Here is the book. You gave me the book.

3. decrease the adjective clauses into phrase or words and place them in the improper position : [marks 2]

(a) Servants that are honest are trusted.

(b) Boys who are all tall can look for position in army.

4. Combine the subsequent pairs of phrases using an infinitive; use "too" and/or 'enough'; you may use a for-phrase to make the

meaning clear. [marks 2]

(a) He is lean. He can run fast.

(b) She is brilliant. She can get any job.

5. Fill in the blanks with suitable infinitives : [marks 2]

(a) It is easy _________.

(b) It is difficult __________.

6. Convert the adjective clause into an adjective and place it before the nouns : [marks 2]

(a) Get me the shirt which is in green colour.

(b) We obeyed the order the teacher gave us.

7. Use the comparative form (ending in-'er') or the superlative (ending in -'est') of the italicised adjective in every sentence and fill in

the blanks. [marks 2]

(a) Ravi is clever, you are ____________, and I am __________ of all.

(b) My car is swift, your car is ___________, and Ramesh's car is ____________ of all.

8. Frame phrases with as .... as, using the expressions provided beneath : [marks 2]

(a) I smart Ramu.

(b) Rose beautiful Lily.

9. start the subsequent phrases with "I wish" : [marks 2]

(a) I did not study well at school.

(b) I cannot solve your issue.

10. Write an imoroved version of the subsequent phrases using the hints provided in brackets. [marks 2]

(a) Ravi often spends time with Mohan. He is a rich man. (Remove the ambiguity)

(b) On the arrival of the mails, the train will begin. (Convert the phrase into a clause)

part - B

II . ans the subsequent in about 100 words every :

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