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Periyar University 2010-3rd Sem B.A English , ember/ember spoken - Question Paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 05:30Web

part -A

I . ans the subsequent ques. :

1. provide 4 trends of 'Introducing'. [marks 2]

2. provide atleast 4 trends of ' Apologizing'. [marks 2]

3. Write 4 trends of 'making requests. [marks 2]

4.Remove the wrong prepositions in the subsequent phrases : [marks 2]

(a) She has passed out her exam.

(b) I regret for my late - Coming.

5. Remove the unnecessary prepositions from the subsequent phrases : [marks 2]

(a) They are awaiting for your arrival.

(b) She will be eighteen in next July.

6. Add suitable articles wherever necessary : [marks 2]

(a) Karl Marx is _______________ European.

(b) _____________ vaigai passes through Madurai.

7. accurate the order of the word : [marks 2]

(a) He has nicely polished the wood.

(b) We must inform all the winners by post also.

8. accurate the tense form : [marks 2]

(a) All news are good news.

(b) The college is going to reopen on 15th June.

9. accurate the sentence : [marks 2]

(a) There is no current now.

(b) Tamil is an Language.

10. accurate the senence : [marks 2]

(a) I go to Delhi by the air.

(b) Who do you want to speak?

part - B

II . ans the subsequent :-

11. (a) Complete the dialogue :- [marks 5]

Ram : Good morning, Raj here.

Raj : .........

Ram : Helllo, Raj! I'm alright. How are things going on? How is your new college?

Raj : .........


(b) provide 5 trends of expressing Gratitude. [marks 5]

12. (a) How will you get permission from Librarian to refer books in the library? Writa atleast 5 dialogues. [marks 5]


(b) provide 5 expressions every for 'Offering Help' and 'Seeking Permission'. [marks 5]

13. Write a dialogue, minimum of 5 expressions :

(a) 2 friends explain the importance of Spoken English to the current day career needs. [marks 5]


(b) You seek the advice for your teacher on what to do after graduation. (Write suitable dialogues) [marks 5]

14. (a) You forgot to bring your friends book. How will you apologize for that mistake? Write suitable dialogues to the situation.

[marks 5]

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