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Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) 2008 Master of Social Work (M.S.W) MSW- -1 - Question Paper

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Click the Attachment beneath to View the ques. Paper of NSOU of 2008 Paper-1

POST-ORADUATE COURSE Term End Examination Dcccmbcr, 2008 MSW


Paper I

Time 4 hours    Full marks100

POST-ORADUATE COURSE Term End Examination Dcccmbcr, 2008 MSW

(Weightage of marks - 80%)

Special credit wiil be given for accuracy and relevance in the answer. Marks will be deducted for incorrect spelling, untidy work and illegible handwriting. The weightage for each question has been indicated in the margin.

Croup - A

Answer any two questions :

1.    What are the social reform movements during the British Period in India ? Discuss in brief.    1 8

'5B >R    I    i b-

2.    Write a note on the development of social work in LK.


3. Discuss the role of Raniakrishn N of human welfare r the light c* concept of social de-.-eicprse-.t


4.    Briefly discuss the major contribution of social work profession to the achievement of social justice and human rights in India.    18

WfRN7UJTlTtWI    >tr

Group - B

Answer any three questions :

5.    Enumerate the role and importance of voluntary agencies in various fields of social welfare. ~    1 2 |sr<?sijfUef3'R1% (7SFC3T R\ 35


6.    Define voluntary action. Examine the relationship between voluntary agencies and government. 4+8=12

WC #1 C31CTR ? CRTlft 4<R >i<t<M(<l<l    I    8+b-=i>;>

7.    Critically examine the contribution of Arya Samaj in the field of social refrom.    12

8.    Write a note on the changing roles of the government and NGOs in the promotion of social welfare with special reference to child development and age care.    12

f*fW    smug IWRJ

Group - C

Answer any four questions :

9.    Explain how the social work profession helps in translating social work philosophy into reality.    7

>K>KTf I

10.    Explain the role of social welfare in social development. 7

vSsraw TiTsnfsK.    |    h

11.    Write a note on the future of voluntary action in India. 7

3CHf:<R I    H

12.    Discuss, in brief, the major p work profession in India.

oblems faced by the social


\3i<t\s<](/    wiira


13.    How does social policy guide the social welfare activities in our country ? Explain with the help of suitable examples.    7

? 'T[cFT5t?rfC?f <UP?IJf <P?R I    H

14.    What do you understand by social welfare and social defence? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples. 7

Tratfsrt5 rmf

15.    Critically explain the values of social work.    7 >iWife<t> jNjf W* I

16.    What do you mean by ethics in the context of social work ? How does it differ from values and principles?

3+4=7 ? 'ITCW

ftfef    cwra ?    +8=ct


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