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Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) 2008-1st Sem M.C.A M C A (ester) - exam paper

Sunday, 27 January 2013 01:35Web

MCA – 1.4

M C A (1st Semester)

Term End exam - December, 2008


PAPER - 1.4

Time : 3 Hours Full Marks : 75

ans any 2 from ques. number one and any 5 from the rest :

1.(a) What is internet ? Distinguish ranging from an internet & intranet.
elaborate the components needed to get an internet connection ? [Marks 2+5+5.5=12.5]

(b) Design a learner registration web page using html form. The web page
must contain ---

(i) Checkbox

(ii) Radiobutton

(iii)Text field

(iv) Text Area

(v) Drop Down Menu [Marks 12.5]

(c) Make 2 pages of resume using html, user must be able to navigate ranging from the two
pages. Now using external style sheet change look of the resume designed as follows :

(i) The color of the text to blue.

(ii) Make headings into Bold & Arial.


Y - 4

MCA – 1.4 (2)

(iii)All hyperlinks should change color on various mouse events. [Marks 12.5]

2. define the subsequent terms: [Marks 2*5=10]

(a) Protocol

(b) IP-Address

(c) Browser

(d) Scripting Language

(e) URL

3. What is hyper linking ? Write html document to create link ranging from 2 parts of
a identical page. [Marks 3+7=10]

4. What is XML prolog ? What do you mean by valid XML document ? What do you
mean by # REQUIRED, # IMPLIED & # FIXED ? [Marks 3+3+4=10]

5. Write down a complete DTD for describing the novel. [Marks 10]

6. Write a program to return five characters from the right hand side from the
string “ENTHUSIASTIC” using VB Script or Java Script. [Marks 10]

7. Create a html page with ---

(a) A tag named “Enter your name”.

(b) A text field, where you can write your name.

(c) A button named “Submit”.

If the name field is left blank then display a message box “You have not
not entered your name” after clicking the “Submit” button. [Marks 10]

(3) MCA – 1.4

8. Display the subsequent data in a tabular format using table tags

Roll No. Name M1 M2 M3
1 A 5 9 13
2 B 6 10 14
3 C 7 11 15
4 D 8 12 16

[Marks 10]


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