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Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) 2009-2nd Sem M.C.A (ester) - Question Paper

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MCA 2.2

MCA (2nd Semester)

Term End exam – December, 2009


Paper – 2.2

Time : three Hours Full Marks : 75

ans ques. No. one and any 3 from the rest.

1. ans any 5 ques. : [Marks 3x5=15]

a) Difference ranging from Program and Process ?
b) What is Through put ?
c) What is Zombie Process ?
d) define ls – R, ls – t, ls – r ?
e) What do you mean by file extension .o, .a and .tmp ?
f) What is Shell ?
g) What is Kernel ?
h) What is difference ranging from pwd and passwd ?
i) Why pipe is needed in Unix ?
j) Why grep is needed in Unix ?

2. a) define process states with a suitable diagram.
b) Consider the subsequent set of process, with length of CPU burst provided in millisecond.

Process Burst Time Priority

P1 10 3
P2 1 1
P3 2 3
P4 1 4
P5 5 2

The processes are presumed to have arrived in the order P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 all at time O – Draw 4 GANTT charts that illustrate the execution of these processes using the subsequent scheduling algorithms : Fc Fs, SJF nonpreemptive priority and Round Robin (quantum = 1) [Marks 10+10]

3. a) Write down all the process scheduling criteria.
b) What is deadlock ? elaborate the necessary conditions of deadlock ? Name the algorithm to prevent a systems from deadlock ? What is safe state ? [Marks 2+5+1+2]

4.a) Execute the subsequent : [Marks 10]
i) To view current working directory.
ii) Create a file called "a a".
iii) Rename the file "a a" to "b b".
iv) List all files and directories.
v) Remove directories recursively.

b) What key we have to press from keyboard to perform the subsequent task in vi editor :
[Marks 10]
i) Move cursor left.
ii) Move cursor down.
iii) Delete entire line where cursor is current.
iv) Move to beginning of a line.
v) Move to end of a line.

5. a) How many classes of user can access a file ? [Marks 2]
b) What is the meaning of .Z file ? [Marks 2]
c) What will happen after execution of subsequent command
(1) c.d (2) cd.. (3) cd. [Marks 6]
d) define all the features of Unix. [Marks 10]

6. a) Write a shell script to obtain out sum of even numbers lying ranging from 0 to 50. [Marks 10]
b) Write a shell script to obtain out a year is leap year or not. [Marks 10]

7. a) Write a shell script to obtain out avg. of numbers passed as command line
arguments. [Marks 10]
b) Write a shell script to obtain out a number is armstrong number or not. [Marks 10]

8. a) How many redirection are possible in Unix ? discuss with an example. [Marks 6]
b) Write down the command for the subsequent : [Marks 4]

i) To display the system date in dd/mm/yy format.
ii) To display the calender of January 2010.
iii) To display system time in 12 hour format.
iv) To display system day.

c) Write a menu driver shell for the subsequent : [Marks 10]

i) Add 2 number
ii) Multiply 2 number
iii) Exit

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