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Biju Patnaik University of Technology 2006 B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering chemistry II - Question Paper

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Total number of printed pages - 7 B. Tech
BSCC 2201

3rd Semester exam – 2006


Full Marks – 70

Time- three Hours

ans ques. No. one which is Compulsory and any 5 from the rest.

The figure in the Right hand margin shows marks.

1. ans the subsequent questions: (2X10)

a) Name 4 harmful effects of acid rain.
b) Why is number avg. molecular mass smaller than weight avg. molecular mass of a polymer?
c) Why is little amount of steam necessary for production of producer gas?
d) Why is TEL used in petrol?
e) Why is stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion?
f) How does benzoquinone act as inhibitor of radical polymerization?
g) How can the particulate matter be controlled in air?
h) Name kind of corrosion taking place in:
I. Lead antimony couple around copper wire.
II. Copper rod immersed in ammonia solution.
i) Differentiate ranging from scale and sludge.
j) Name the monomers (i) PMMA (ii) nylon 6.

2. a). explain the zeolite process. elaborate its advantages over lime soda
Process? 5

b). In softening 20,000 liters of hard water with zeolite, the exhausted
Zeolite needed 10ltrs of NaCl solution containing 150 gm/ltr of
NaCl for regeneration. compute the hardness of water. 5

3. a). What is pilling Bedworth rule? How does it help in deciding about
Corrosion resistance of metals? 3

b). discuss the mechanisms of hydrogen evolution and reduction of
oxygen in corrosion. 4

c). what is passivation? organize the subsequent metals in increasing
order of passive characteristics, Fe, Ni, Cr, Zn. 3

4. a). explain about stress corrosion? 4

b). discuss the impressed current cathodic protection. 3

c). Why wire mesh corrodes faster than the joints? 3

5. a). Differentiate ranging from LDPE and HDPE. 4

b).What is vulcanization? How it is done? elaborate the advantages of
Vulcanized rubber over unvulcanized rubber? 4

c). elaborate the properties and uses of PMMA? 2

6. a). What is cetane number? How can it be increased? How is diesel
engine various from petrol engine in terms of knocking? 3

b). compare ranging from low and high temperature carbonization. 3
c). what is proximate analysis? elaborate the importances of proximate
analysis? 4

7. a). compute the volume of air needed per kg of fuel for combustion
if 20% excess air is supplied for the fuel with subsequent
composition: C = 82%, H = 7.5%,O = 6%, S = 0.5% and rest ash.
Also compute the volume of dry flue gas found. (Air contains
21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen). 6

b). Ten ml of a water sample was treated with excess 10%kl solution
and then titrated against N/100 hypo solution using starch as
indicator. If two ml of hypo solution was needed, obtain out the amount
of chlorine in water. 4

8. a). discuss the mechanisms by which ozone is depleted by CFC. 3

b). elaborate bio – chemical effects of arsenic and mercury 3

c). 25 ml of sewage was refluxed with 10 ml of 0.2N K2Cr2O7 solution.
The unreacted dichromate needed five ml of 0.1N FAS solution
(Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate). compute COD of the Sewage.
(Blank titration with 25 ml distilled water under identical condition
needed 30 ml of 0.1 N FAS) 4

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