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Biju Patnaik University of Technology 2008-2nd Sem B.Pharm Business Communication in English - Question Paper

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Total number of printed pages -8 b. Tech/B. Arch /

B. Pharm/B. HMCT/MCA

HSSM 4102/HSS 1002/PH. 2.1

Second Semester Examination - 2008 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IN ENGLISH Full Marks-70 Time: 3 Hours

Answer Question No. 1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.

Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

1. Answer the following questions :    5x4

(a) Develop the given topic sentence into a paragraph containing 6 sentences. (You have to write five new sentences.)

Everyone in the country is worried about inflation.

(b)    Use the sentences below to form a logical and well-connected paragraph. (You will have to re-order the sentences as well as use linking devices where required. You may combine some of the sentences into a single sentence if you wish.)

(i)    We will soon have the technology to make use of these sources of energy.

(ii)    The sun provides a convenient and endless source of energy.

(iii)    Conventional energy sources are expected to be exhausted in another


t united WEitaii,,

20 years.

(iv)    Scientists are looking for alternative sources of renewable energy.

(v)    Energy can be obtained from winds and ocean tides.

(c)    Make brief notes, in outline form, capturing the main ideas of the paragraph given

below. Do not use more than 20 words in all. It is not necessary to form complete sentences.

Technical communication is the essence of organizational life and a pre-requisite to effective management. The list of its multifunctional purposes is very long. It not only makes professional interaction possible but also directs the flow of technical information and knowledge for the guidance of technocrats, engineers and others in their professional activities. It stimulates scientists and researchers to act so as to achieve individual as well as social and organizational objectives and develops the information and understanding that is essential for group functioning. Moreover, it leads to unification of the activities of individuals as a work team and helps to promote positive attitudes required for motivation, co-opera-

tion and other important organizational processes. Finally, it ensures free exchange of information and ideas and promotes scientific temper and maintenance of professional relations.

(d) Write a catchy advertisement, intended for the print media, for either a new brand of mens shirts or womens saris which is about to be launched in the market. Do not use more than 50 words.

2. Imagine that an American friend of yours, who is a software engineer, is interested in working for an Indian IT company for a year. He sends you an e-mail, asking you to give him information about job opportunities in Bhubaneswar. Send him an e-mail message in reply, addressing it to John Smithyahoocgri.    10

3. Read the following conversation and write a

C. V. for one of the speakers, Raj Verma, based

on this conversation.    10

Prem Hello, Raj. We are meeting after a long time. I think we last met in Pune in 1995.

Raj Yes, thats right. That was the year I joined Bajaj Auto in Pune as a Sales Executive, the year after I got my MBA from the Symbiosis Institute of Management.

Prem Your home town is Bhubaneswar, isnt it ? Why did you move to Pune.

Raj Well, my father was transferred to Mumbai and the family had to shift, so I decided to go to Pune and join Symbiosis. I was very home sick at first, since I was the youngest in my class.

Prem How old were you Pune?

Raj Only 19.

Prem You went to school in Bhubaneswar, I suppose.

Raj Yes, Capital High. Then went to BJB for my Plus Two as well as B.Com.

Prem I remember, you used to be a good student.

Raj Not particularly. But I was lucky to get a First class both the Plus Two and the B. Com.

Prem And youve stayed with Bajaj Auto all these years ?

Raj No, Ive been with Videocon for the last three years. Im their Regional Sales Manager, based in Nagpur.

Prem Are you planning to move again ?

Raj Yes, Ive applied for the General Mangers position at Kinetic Auto.

Prem Well, good luck to you !

4.    Imagine that you work for a well-known firm of publishers and are based in Kolkata. Your company does not have an office in Bhubaneswar. Write a proposal (in about 150 words) addressed to your Regional Manager in Kolkata, suggesting that an office should be set up in Bhubaneswar.    10

5.    Imagine that the Students Union of your college has set up a Public Relations Committee for the purpose of strengthening relations between the college and the general public, including the media. You have been appointed Secretary of this Committee.

Draw up an agenda for the first meeting of the Committee, which will be chaired by the Principal of the college.    10

6.    Imagine that you have created a new chemical additive which, when added to ordinary petrol, can increase the fuel efficiency of cars and motor-cycles by at least 30 percent.

HSSM4102/HSS 1002/PH. 2.1 7    P.T.O.

You are asked to make an oral presentation of your new invention before a group of industrialists. Write the script for this presentation in about 200 words.    10

7. Write a letter addressed to the Vice Chancellor, BPUT, suggesting changes in the Communicative English / Business Communication program, so as to make it more responsive to the needs of students.    10

HSSM4102/HSS 1002/PH. 2.1 8    -C


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