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Vinayaka Missions University 2008 B.A Economics INDIAN : T : CORRESPONDENCE - Question Paper

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 03:45Web

COURSE CODE - 1020201
UG DEGREE exam – SEP 2008
(For Candidate Admitted from Calendar 2007 Onwards)
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 75
part - A
ans All the ques. 15 X one = 15
1. describe agriculture.
2. describe national economy.
3. What do you mean by green revolution?
4. describe large scale industries.
5. What do you conceive new economic policy?
6. describe privatization.
7. describe unemployment.
8. What is poverty?
9. describe national income.
10. describe foreign trade.
11. describe productivity.
12. describe economic planning.
13. describe strategy.
14. List out the financial resources.
15. describe public sector.
part – B
ans any 5 ques. five x six =30
16. (a) discuss the nature of agriculture in the national economy.
b) discuss any 4 causes of low agricultural productivity.
17. (a) Bring out any 5 causes for cotton textiles in India.
(b) List out the large scale industries established in India and
mention its importance in the economy.
18. (a) Bring out the causes for the existence of poverty.
(b) How do you estimate national income?
19. (a) Bring out the importance of foreign trade.
(b) Bring out the issues of balance of payments.
20. (a) elaborate the objectives of economic planning in India?
(b) Bring out the objectives of 9th plan.
part – C
ans any 2 ques. two x 15 = 30
21. Briefly discuss the issues of agricultural marketing.
22. Bring out the reasons for liberalization in Indian economy.
23. discuss in detail food issue and ways and means to solve them.
24. Bring out causes and remedies in disequilibrium in balance of
25. provide an account of 4 decades of planning in India.

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