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Vinayaka Missions University 2010 B.A Indian economics - Question Paper

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 03:30Web

COURSE CODE - 1020201
UG DEGREE exam – JAN 2010

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 75
ans All the Questions: 10 X two = 20
1. describe national economy
2. describe technology
3. describe planning
4. Methods of Measure National Income
5. What do you mean by green revolution?
6. What is economic plan?
7. describe WTO
8. describe the Importance of capital formation
9. describe export policy
10. What is market competition?
ans All the Questions: five X five = 25
11. a. Bring out the importance of foreign trade.
b. describe unemployment
12. a. Write short note on Economic planning
b. describe kinds of National Income
13. a. List out the large scale industries established in India and
mentions its importance in the economy.
b. describe 9th 5 year plans.
14. a. discuss the causes of increasing population growth rate
b. Agricultural planning in India
15. a. elaborate the main reasons of cultural back wardness in India?
b. What is economic development of India?
ans any 2 Questions: two X 15 = 30
16. Bring out causes and remedies in disequilibrium in balance of
17. discuss the Financial Resources for the Planning in India
18. explain the nature, scope of population growth and issue in all
over India
19. discuss difference of rural and urban sociology
20. Briefly discuss the issues of agricultural marketing.

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