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Vinayaka Missions University 2012 B.A 1010108 english – ii - Question Paper

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 03:15Web

COURSE CODE - 1010108

UG DEGREE exam - FEB 2012



(For Candidate Admitted from Calendar 2007 Onwards)

Time: three Hours Max.Marks:75


ans All the Questions: 10 X two = 20

1. What is the dream of martin Luther king?

2. O captain I My captain, our fearful trip is done,
i. Who is the captain in the poem?

ii. What activity is done?

3. What do you mean by 'Hippocrates' in the poem ode to nightingale?

4. Who is the painter of Duchess?

5. What is the central theme of the step mother?

6. Write a brief dialogue for the subsequent situation:

You want your mother to permit you to cook food on a

Sunday. She refuses.

7. Fill in the blanks:

If Rani met her friend --------------------------

8. He was too late to catch the bus (Change into complex)

9. accurate the subsequent sentences:

i. I will meet my friend yesterday ii. They lived here for a long time

10. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

i. The horse is ------------ the stable ii. Rama hid --------------- the door


ans All the Questions: 5 X five = 25

11. a. Write a note on 'A Visit to India'.


b. discuss Munro's views in 'The story Teller'.

12. a. What is the state of mind of the narrator of the poem 'O captain!

My captain'.


b. What did lochinvar say after he entered Netherby Hall?

13. a. define the theme of the play 'The Proposal'.


b. discuss the views of Keats in Nightingale.

14. a. Report the following:

i. Mohan said, "No 1 is perfect"

ii. Sheela said, "Gold and silver are costly always"

iii. dad said, "You must visit your grandmother more often"

iv. The social worker says, "Nobody pays any attention to the needy"
v. Meena said, "A few friends are coming to my house in the evening"

b. Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs provided in brackets:

My dad ---------- (read) a book last night. When he --------

--- (hear) a noise in the garden. He ------- (open) the window and -------- (look) out. It -------- (be) very dark and he could not see nothing.
15. a. Write an essay on 'War achieves nothing, solves nothing'.


b. Note making:

The ultimate aim of all advertising is to sell the commodity but in order to achieve this there are a few obstacles which the adman has to overcome. 1st of all, prospective buyers are likely to be studying the newsprint or magazine not because of its advertising material but because
of its editorial material; moreover, roundabout half of the publication is likely to consist of advertisements, all of them competing for the reader's attention. The 1st task of the adman then is to make sure that his advertisement is noticed. Once the reader's attention has been caught, the advertisement should also hold his attention and it should convince him that the subject of this particular advertisement is of interest to him. Furthermore, the advertisement has to convince the learner that the commodity will satisfy a few need or create a need which he has not felt

before. Finally, it is not enough that the prospective customer should come

to feel a need for the product in general; the advertisement must convince him that the particular brand advertised has a few qualities which will make
it superior to other similar brands. In addition, the ideal advertisement should be constructed in such a way that as much as possible of its message will get across even to the learner who merely notices it but decides not to learn it.

ans any 2 of the Following: 2 X 15 = 30

16. Attempt an essay on James Thurber's 'University Days'.

17. What is the message of the poem 'A Day is done?'

18. define in detail the plan of action in Lochinver.

19. Bring out the theme of the play Remember Caesar.

20. explain Keats love of nature in his poem ode to a Nightingale.

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