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Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) 2007 Combined Entrance of Diploma in Engg & XI - Question Paper

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4- Diploma in ug,









Course Number (T) (VTC


Maximum Marss

Two Hours 100

Q. Paper Serfes

Q. Paper Code

Particlxaksto bc filled IN BY THE CANDIDATE

1.    Naim: of the Centre

2.    Ccrin* Codo

3.    Daieo.pTesi

A. Roll Nam set (in fibres)

5. Application Numlitfi

6. Named ihc Cjnrfidau: NjiiiicoI Caucic::i;<?'t Rc tli<r Nni.u: of Caiididaies Mother



Instruction* to Candidates

Ple&se rcaj the following instructions

carefully, hefmr sJLfi of Ihc work :

I. The p&pcr consists of SO.pases and 4 pages of cover. Ii conjoins 100 question*. Count the pages Itrfore amweiirg the questions.

2 All questions Mr. compulsory.

Etch question is followed by fotr nliemaiive answers marked (a). (b), (c) and i'd). -Sclcct one of i.ic answer* which you consider as most appropriate and mark in ;he answer sheet provided as per the ,fts:i*nauvu

4 Use III- pencil OR bJI point pen for marking1 (he corral answers in the answer' sheet. |

5. Do i.a put any irark ot idrctificaiton in any parj of w:e a.iswcr sheer.

Answer shouic only be marked or the answer sl'sci. No answer should be written jdii the question bookin.

7. lnconx:ij*r pinners liall result in a negative store. o'* 25 per cent. hor instance. If the correct ;mvv'.*r to a question uoald g<i you cnc mark, the* incorrect answer uould take a A> 0.25 marks.

8.    Selecting more than one answer for a-question would jcsult iiM&.being treated as a wrong answer even if one of the choices is correct and will take away 25% marks.

9.    Blank spaccs ir the question bftftkfet may be used for rough work.

10.    Answer sheet must be handled very carefully. It should not be folded.

11.    Use of calculator/logarithmic table is not permissible.

> *,

12.    The question booklet along with the answer sheet must be handed over to the

Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall. No leaf should he tom off from the question booklet.

13.    No request fo re-evaluation/re-chcddng of the answer sheet wilJ be entertained.

14.    The candidate appearing for this examination has to abide by all rules framed from ume to time by the University.

15.    Violation of any of these instructions will entail cancellation of the whole Admission Test of the candidate.

16.    Candidate resorting to unfair means in the test shall be dealt with as per University rules.

17.    His the responsibility of the candidate to 511 up the box below in ink/ball point pen, stating the number of (A), (B), (C) and (D) answers that he has marked on the answer sheet. If no answer is marked in some question, the number of such questions should be given against the *No answer in the box, Total to be filled in the box below before handing over (he answer sheet and question booklet to the invigilator






In Figures

In Words


1- If x+j=5andxy=6, then the value of (x3-3) is:

(a)    O

(b)    10

(c) 15 (<i) 19

2. jc29 1 is divisible by :

(a),    bothU- 1) and(jc + 1)

(b)    (x-1) but not by (x+I)

(c)    (x +1) but noi by (x - 1)

(rf) neither (x- !) nor (x + I)

X If(5jr+ 14x + 2f - (4X2 - 5x +1)1 is divided by (x3 + x +1). then quotient q and remainder r are given by :

(a)     = 0r + 19x-5).r=l

(b)     = 90r + l9x-5),r = 0

(c)    q = Car + I9x - 5), r = 0 <d)    9=9(x2+19x5). r=l

4. If (x- 1) is the H.C-F. of (x2- 1) and px' - q (a + 1), then :

(a) p-2q <b) q = 2p

(c)    =

(d)    2p = 3q

5, The monthly income of A and B are in the ratio 4: 3. Fsach of them saves Rs. 600.1 f the ratio of their expenditure is 3 :2, tlien the monthly income of A is:

(a) Rs. 2400 Cb) Rs. 1800

(c)    Rs. 2000

(d)    Rs. 3600

6. If one root of 3xJ+n + *=0be reciprocal of the other, Uwn the value of A b <) I

(b) 2

(c) 3 (d> 4

, x*-7*+I2 jrar-13*+42 *2 + 7x + 10 ?-i*-35 X?T7rrX?-IOx+24 Amplifiedfoimix:


W w

, v *?

(C) *+12

(d) I

mmt *

1. The vaioe of


(b) 0


(c)    JC**

(d)    none of these

9. Lei A be the tof nqaarts of natural mnnlx-T* :m<l lei a r A. r A. Tlmt <#> x+ye A (b> j-ye A

>. x (c) r 6 A

v y

(d) *)>6 A

10. L.CM. of two numbers is 14 times their H.CLF. The sum of L.CM. and H.C.F. is 600. If cmt number is 2S0. then the other is:

<n) 40 th> 60 (C) 80 (d> 100

_ . - <0.05>i+M1)5+).073)j "    ' CMOS)5 +(0.0,)i +(0.007J)! iS:

() fl.l (h) HI (cj 100

(d) 1000

12. The length ond breadth of a square are increased by 30% and 20% respectively. The area of the rectangle so formed exceeds the area of the square by :

(a)    20%

(b)    36fc

(c)    50%

fl 56**

13; The averupe temperature for Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday was 40C. The nwraiii IVm    VVcdncMJuy ainl TIiuiMfuy w.* 41 rC if ihe temperature on

Thurxduy Iv 42*'('(Ik* lempcfttUitv tui MwnLty \wa* : la) 37*C

I hi Vi"C

(c) .W

(d 4Q*C

14. 11' ( + b): (a - M = I : 3. then (<r - i*1): (*r + ir) o|uols :

(a)    2 :3

(b)    3:2

(c)    5:13 Id)    13:5

ms/A    3    (P.T.O,

15.    A goods train leaves a station at a ccrtain time at uniform speed. After fhotns. an express train leaves the same station and moves In the same direction at a uniform speed of 90 km/hr. This train catclws the goods train in 4 hours. Hm: speed of the goods: train is:

(o) 30 kro/hi

(b) 32 km/hr

fc) 36 km/hr (d) 3K lem/hr

16.    The ages of two persons difler by 20 ycarv If 5 yeas ago, the elder one be 5 times as old as the younger one. their present ages are:

fa) 30 years, 10 years

(b)    25 years, 5 yea re <e) 29 years, 9 yennt (d) 50 years, 30 years

17.    An amount was put at simple interest at a ccitain nee for 2 years. Had it been pul at 39/ higher rate, it would have fetched Rs. 300 more. Tbe amouni was 1

fa)    Rs.'1000

fb)    Rs. 5000

(c)    Ks. 6000

(d)    Rs, 6500

1H. The area of a rhombus each one of whose sides measures 20 cm and one diagonal is 2A cm is:

(a)    3Oem:

(b)    384 cur

(c)    390 cm2 (d> 400 cm


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