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Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) 2007 A.M.I.E Civil Engineering kahn - Question Paper

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 02:00Web

Time : three hours Max Marks 100
part A
I. Annotate any 2 of the subsequent passages : two x four = eight Marks
a) Let me share with you my thoughts about a few ancient mathematicians,
glimpses of whom I saw in Prof. Totadri Iyengar in my own way.
b) Even though ancient people didn’t use the word, they had the ‘idea’ of
c) Fourthly, a leader must have the all important capacity to take decisions.
d) Gandhi was certainly 1 of the finest men the world has known; but we have
to remember that he was also a human being and committed many mistakes.
II. Annotate any 2 of the subsequent passages: two x four = eight Marks
a) At 1st the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
b) Lord of himself, though not of lands;
And have nothing, yet hath all. :
c) I took the 1 less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.
d) He applied for jobs wherever
His relatives would advise to do something
“All is possible”, maxims they would sing.
III. ans any 2 of the subsequent ques. in about 75 words every :
2x4=8 Marks
a) What is the contribution of Aryabatta to science and mathematics?
b) What does Karan Singh say about the danger of misuse of power?
c) Why did Gandhi want Political liberty of India? What other modifications are
needed according to Gandhi for an individual to grow to his fullest height?
d) What did Aunt Jane provide Jack and Jill for a marriage Present? How did Jack
and Jill buy all their things?
IV. ans any 2 of the subsequent ques. in about75 words every 2x4=8Marks
a) How does Shakespeare define old age?
b) What is the happy man’s armour? What is his skill according top Sir Henry
c) Why does the poet take the less traveled?
d) Why does the poet expect the British to do after the war is over?
V. ans any 1 of the subsequent ques. in about 150 words: 1x8=-8 Marks
a) What made Swami’s dad ask Swami to sleep alone in a room? How did
Swami try to save himself from this difficulty situation? Was Swami successful
in his efforts? What was the outcome of Swami’s dad instruction?
b) Why and how did the younger sister turn into tree? How did she become a
human being again? Who was responsible for the girl’s deformity? Was the
King’s daughter cruel to her sister-in-law or just careless?
c) Why did Okeke not like Nnaemeka to marry Nene? What effect did Nene’s letter
have on Okeke? How did Nene win over Okeke through love?
part B
VI. learn the subsequent passages and ans the ques. provided below: 1x5=5Marks
In a certain city a thief was caught in the act of Stealing onions. Then the constables took

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