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University of Delhi 2007 B.A Hons English Literature 5 - Question Paper

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Q. 1. (a) (i) Why should one blame her that she filled my days With misery, or that she would of late Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways, Or hurled the little streets upon the great, Had they but courage equal to desire ?

discuss these lines and comment on Yeats’ fusion of personal and political concerns in this poem.


I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas. Do you agree that these lines mark a thematic shift in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? Write a reasoned ans.

(b) explain John Osborne’s use of symbols to impose thematic and structural unity in Look Back in Anger.
Write a critical note on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot as an “absurd” play

© Write a critical note any 1 of the following:
(i) Marlow;
(ii) The harlequin;
(iii) Colonialism in Heart of Darkness.
ans :

Q. 2. (a) elaborate Forester’s views on ‘Order in life’ and ‘Order in art’?


What, according to Camus, makes Sisyphus an ‘absurd hero’ ?

(b) explain the ’stream of consciousness’ as a modernist technique for exploring the inner life of fictional characters.


Write a note on the depiction of the ‘New Woman1 in the fiction of the early twentieth century.
ans :

Q. 3. (a) Do you agree with the view that Septimus Warren Smith dies so that Clarissa Dalloway may live ? Write a reasoned ans.


(b) “What a lark! What a plunge!”

Critically examine the oscillating rhythms of privileged mo¬ments and moments of despair inMry. Dalloway.
ans :

Q. 4. (a) “The central theme of Sons and Lovers is the crippling effects of a mother’s love on theemotional development of her sons.” Comment


(b) In Sons and Lovers D.H. Lawrence dwells upon “the divisive and damaging potential of the institution of marriage". explain.
ans :

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