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University of Delhi 2009 B.A English-B -I, set-II, (I), SOL, - Question Paper

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This question paper contains 7 printed pages.]

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ENGLISH : Stream B - Paper I (Spoken English, Reading Comprehension and Written English)

[This paper is meant for those who have passed English in Class X or those who have been permitted to offer it.]

Time : 3 Hours    Maximum Marks : 100

(Write your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this question paper.)

Attempt All questions.

1.    Your brother lives in another city. Send him a telegram congratulating him on finding a new job. 10

2.    Describe, in about 150 words, your friends

birthday party.


3. Write a letter to the municipality complaining about

the stray dogs in your locality.


4. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end.    25

An owl is a bird. There are two basic types of ow ls : typical owls and barn owls. Owls live in almost every country of the world. Owls are mostly nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night. Owls are predators - they hunt the food that they eat. Owls hunt for mice and other small mammals, insects, and even fish. Owls are well adapted for hunting. Their soft, fluffy feathers make their flight nearly silent. They have very good hearing, which helps them to hunt w'ell in the darkness. The sharp hooked beaks and claws of the owl make it very easy to tear apart prey quickly, although owls also eat some prey whole. Owls eyes are unusual. Like most predators, both of the owls eyes face front. The owl cannot move its eyes. Owls are far-sighted, which means they can see very well far away... but they cant see up close very well at all. Fortunately, their distant vision is what they use for hunting, and they can see far away even in low light. Owls have

5737    2

facial disks around their eyes, tufts of leathers in a circle around each eye. These facial disks are thought to help with the owls hearing. Owls can turn their heads 180 degrees. This makes it look like they might be able to turn their heads all the way around, but 180 degrees is all the owl needs to see whats going on all around him. Perhaps because of the owls mysterious appearance, especially its round eyes and flexible neck, there arc a lot of myths and superstitions about owls. Many cultures believe that owls are unusually wise. Because owls are nocturnal, some cultures associate owls with bad omens. The screech of the bam owl is considered by many to sound eerily human, like a person screaming. However, owls probably do not interact with the fates of humans at all. In fact, some owl species may become extinct because of humans.

Questions :

(i)    What are the types of owls ?

(ii)    Where do owls live ?

(in)    Why arc owls callcd nocturnal ?

(iv)    What do owls cat ?

(v)    What makes the flight of the owl nearly silent ?

(vi)    How can owls hunt well in darkness ?

(vii)    What is the reason behind the superstitions about owls ?

(viii)    Why are owls associated with bad omens ?

(ix)    How do facial disks help owls ?

(x)    State whether true or false :

(a)    Owls interact with fates of human.

(b)    Many cultures believe that owls are unusually wise.

(c)    The sharp hooked beaks and claws of the owl make it very easy to tear apart prey quickly.

(xi)    Make sentences of the following words :

(a)    silent

(b)    superstition

(xii)    Give a suitable title to the passage.

5737    4

5. Match statements in Column A with responses given in Column B :    5

Column A

Column B


Can you tell me the


It is bright and

way to the station ?



How is the weather


Yes, I have.

today ?


When will the train


No, I am busy

arrive ?



Will you come to


I am sorry I am

the party tonight ?

new to this place.


Have you


At 6 in the evening

completed your

homework ?

6. Complete the following telephonic conversation by filling in the blanks :    5

A : Hello. Can I speak to Mr. B ?

B : .................. 1 ..................

A : I am A. I called to invite you to a party at our place.

B : ..................2..................

5737    5    P.T.O.

A : The party is to celebrate my new job ?

B : ..................3..................

A : I joined my new work last week.

B : ..................4..................

A : Thank you and see you in the evening.

B : ..................5..................

7. Frame suitable responses for the following

situations:    10

(i)    You have lost the book that you borrowed from your friend. How will you apologise ?

(ii)    You want to take a bus to Chandigarh. How will you ask the person at the reception about the timing of the bus ?

(iii)    How will you ask the hairdresser to give the latest cut 7

(iv)    You are not wearing a watch. How will you ask a stranger to tell you the time ?

(v)    You like a jacket in a shop. How will ask the shopkeeper for its price ?



8. Fill in the blanks by selecting the most suitable alternative from the ones given in brackets :    15

Once upon a time there _ (live/lived) a

proud lion. One day the lion got _

(trapped/trap) in the hunter's net. The lion

_ (try/tried) to get out of the net but he

_ (can/could) not. The lion _

(give/gave) up hope. Just then a little mouse

_ (came/come) along. The lion _

(request/requested) the mouse to free him from the

net. The mouse_(began/begin) to cut the

net with his sharp teeth. The mouse did not

_(take/took) much time in cutting the net.

The lion_(become/became) free. The lion

_ (thanked/thanks) the mouse. They

_ (became/become) good friends and

_ (promise/promised) to help each other.

The story _ (teach/teaches) us that

everybody_(needs/need) help.

5737    7    4,000


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