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Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) 2011-1st Year B.Com Accounting and Finance B Com , distance education, compulsary English. - Question Paper

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Aligarh Muslim University

Distance Education


BA / Part 1 Examination

Compulsory English


Maximum Marks: 40 Duration 3Hours


Note : Answer any five question. All question carry equal marks.


1.    (a) Fill in the blanks with the most suitable words

{Marble Floors, South wind , Sun , Rain , Every day }


They all want to go far from the world, where the ___________ are washed by _____________ ; and dried by _______________ ; where the ________ dusts the beautiful green and purple carpet.

(b) Fill in the correct form of the word given in the bracket.

They _______ (think) I am __________ (talk) machine to be ___________ (turn) on for their pleasure every evening of my life.. she is not coming, so you also do not _________(come)

2.    Read the passage below and answer the following question


One common mistake that many people have made is this, they have thought that it would be very good thing if everybody had exactly the same amount of money, no matter weather they worked hard or lived quite idle. They forget that very few people would work at all if it were not for the money their work brings them, and that without work there would be no money. And they have imagined that if all the money in the country were equally divided, every body would be rich.

Now that is a mistake, because there simply is not enough money to make everybody rich. Calculations proven that it would certainly not make you really rich. It is quite true that there are in this country a small no of very rich people; but they are so few in comparison with the whole population that even if they were to share out all their wealth among the rest, it would make a very little difference. It is said that if you flattened out the greatest French mountain Mount Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe and spread it over the whole of France you would only raise the level of the land about six inches. See if you can think out what that has to do with the question I have been talking about.


Questions; answer any four

1)     What is the mistaken view of some people regarding money?

2)     What is living idly? Does it earn any thing?

3)    Where is the mountain Mont Blanc?

4)    What is the point of comparison between the highest mountain and money?

5)    Write the antonym of the following words

Live, Idle, Forget, Rise






3.    Describe any one of your memorable journey?


4.    Write an application for the post of Lecturer/Assistant professor in the collage of Economics New Delhi (03B, Columbus Mark, Ludlow Square) to the manager, Admin Block. Include your CV also.



5.    Describe one of your relatives who is a Friend in need for you.


6.    Write a conversation between a brother and a sister about their paln to buy a cell Phone.



7.    Tell your friend why you want to learn English even though ti is difficult for you. Support your arguments with genuine reasons.














































































































































































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