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Shivaji University 2005 B.E Computer Science .( & Engineering)Part -1 - university paper

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H - 781

B.E. (Computer Science and Engineering) (Part -1) (New) Examination, 2005 Elective -1: OBJECT ORIENTED MODELING AND DESIGN

Day and Date : Thursday, 8-12-2005    Max. Marks : 100

Time: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Instructions : I) All questions are compulsory.

2) Assume suitable data, if necessary.



I. Answer any two:

vf What is OOMD ? What steps arc followed in OMT ?

\)a) Wha'l i* modeling ? State its purpose.

mb') Define Links. How are they related to associations ? Illustrate specifically.

2.    Answer any two:


1 low is generalization and inheritance related to each other ? What is over riding ?

b)    Explain with an illustration the CRC method of modeling.

c)    Compare between modeling methods and conventional methods used for design of the same problem.

3.    Answer any two:


*) a) What arc abstract classes ? How are they dealt with ?

b)    State and illustrate the basic properties an object should possess.    .

c)    Compare between use case drive approach and CRC method of modeling.


4. Answer any two:


a)    Compare between Dynamic model and functional model for a given _ problem.    ,


b)    Explain the conceptual model of UML.

c)    Illustrate the stages of a unified software development life cycle.


5.    Answer any two:    16



* t

a)    Explain the things, relationships and diagrams supported by UML.

b)    How do you model groups of elements using UMl? What are packages ? e) What are use cases ? Draw a use case diagram for a telephone network.

* .

6.    Produce a complete design for a Hospital management system using UML. 18


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