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Shivaji University 2006 B.C.A Computer Application Bachelor of s . - exam paper

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B.C.A. II (Semeste-r IV) Examination, 20$6
(Paper No. 19)

Day and Date: TuesdaY, 4-4-2006
Time: 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 P.m.
Total Marks: 80
Instructions: 1) Attempt any 5 questions'
2) Figures to the right indicate full ma'rks'
elaborate various kinds of variables in VB, discuss with examples.
Exptain the'advantagesa nCf eatureso f wing VB also discuss weaknesses
of VB.
Z. fl Wlntare various controls in VB ? Expiain any 5 controls with example.
b) Design an interface to accept 10 numbers and display them'in ascending
and descendingo rder with combob ox'
.4. a) elaborate data kind conversionf unction ? Exptraint heir applications.
-- b) discuss the tenns:
a) LaYout window
b) Project exPlorer
c) User described variables
d) Tool box.
4.a) Design an interface to accept account number'. Search the account no.'
in th; provided table and display whether the record is availabie or nct'
aC;"tfr* airpropriattea bles tructure)' 8
Write brief note on connectivity to access' 8
discuss the select-cases tatemenwt ith example' 8
What is. the difference ranging from directory list box and file list box ?

6. a) Write a detailed note on menu.
b) Designa menu structurefo r LIC organisationh avingf ollowing options:
1) New policy
2) Old policy infn.
3) Transaction
4) Reports
5) Facilities
6) Help
Add improper suboptions to existing meml.
7. a) Expiain featules of data report and what is use of fault handling ?
b) Design an interface to accept a string and dispiay whether the sking is
palindrome or not.
tj. Wnte short notes on any trvo of the following:
a) If ihen else statement
b) Concept of GUI
c) String Functions.

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