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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) 2007 M.C.A Computer Aplications UNIX AND SHELL PROGRAMMING - Question Paper

Saturday, 18 May 2013 11:15Web

Fourth Semester

Time: 3 Hours Maximum :75 Marks
ans any 5 ques..
All ques. carry equal marks.

1. (a) Explain why Shell Programming in UNIX.
(b) With example discuss basic command to copy and move files. How will you rename a file.
(c) Write a Shell variable? provide examples of a few predefined shell variables. discuss variable expansion. (3* 5=15 marks)

2. Write UNIX command(s) for the ans the subsequent user queries.
(a) How do I change my password?
(b) How do I obtained out which all process I am running?
(c) How do I kill a process?
(d) How will I achieve my files?
(e) How can I view files text content?
(f) How can I see who is currently online?
(g) How do I get more details about a command?
(h) How do I change n character in a file with a few xyz?
(i) How do I learn arguments in a shell program?
(j) How do I schedule a command to run at 4: 00 AM every day?
(10* one ½ marks)
3. (a) What do you mean by Core dump? How will you debug it?
(b) discuss UNIX file system.
(c) What kind of process scheduling is used in UNIX?
(3*5=15 marks)

4. (a) With example discuss how to learn and write to a text file.
(b) discuss Interposes communication in UNIX.
(c) With example discuss PIPE in UNIX.
(3*5=15 marks)

5. (a) Write shell scripts to back up your system
(b) Explain I/O redirection in UNIX.
(c) Explain backquotes in UNIX.
(3*5=15 marks)
6. (a) With example discuss ‘awk’ command in UNIX.
(b) What are the schemes to debug a shell script
(c) Which are the widely used shells in UNIX.
(3*5=15 marks)
7. (a) Write shell scripts to display current Date, calendar and six of his/her previous login details. discuss its running.
(b) With example discuss the use of loops in shell script
(c) Explain the subsequent command
Ls –1 | grep searchword | sort –r.
(3*5=15 marks)
8. (a) How will you perform arithmetic in shell script? discuss with examples.
(b) How will you describe a ‘function’ in a shell script. With example discuss its usage.
(d) Explain the usage of “case” in a shell script. (3*5=15 marks)
[5*15=75 marks]

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